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Dolphins game thread


Just love how we played after the 1st 20. After all the disruption through the week and right up to kickoff - AFB out, then Barry then CNK and Tauapiki right before kickoff

I was confused, so forgive the players for the slow start. But after the 1st 20 there was some intensity in our defence and running. Great to watch although I dreaded a late loss.

We are back in the season


There really is some serious heart and spirit in this club. Very pleasing to see.

Mitch Barnett is our new Kevin Campion. Tough tough player.

Last 2 weeks have been superb.
It's on a thread here somewhere here. I think I said way back when Mitch was signed that he was going to be awesome. Thats doubly nice because after 24 years of marriage, I'm not often right these days.

Beavers Headgear

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I had the Fox commentary, was stoked not to have the local rubbish. Might be because I always switch to the alternate option

Will never happen, but Shaun to come back through NSW Cup ? TMM running the show for 2 weeks has seen the attack improve dramatically. Great to see Marata get through a game without being binned

Not often they get praised but thought the ref had a very good game too
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Kosi getting another chance!

Roach starting.

CNK ruled out with sickness.

Peki out with baby.

Dolphins kick goes dead after confusion who was going to catch it.

Kosi mistake on 2nd carry 35m out.

Dolphins score in the corner, Pompey gets turned in by lead runner leaving Monotya with 2 players.

0-4 5mins

Shift it on a last and Kosinkicks straight into the opposition to start on the halfway.

6 more for inside the 10m on the back of it

Lussick on after 12mins.

Montoya gets Isaako this time going out and forced to throw it and and bounces out.

Dolphins kick 40/20.

Did well with Farnsworth being greedy with an overlap to keep them out But Bunty knock on a kick, 10m out.

But Farnsworth finds away off a loose offload.

0-10 18mins

Now we aren't contesting their bombs, letting Hammer catch it!

TMM kicks and hit in the air, Montoya contests and catches and offloads to CHT to score.

6-10 22mins

Some good defense after points.

Lussick with a shit effort on Farnsworth I'm behind the ruck make a linebreak and with a 1m forward pass for Hammer to score.

6-16 27mins

They get the Issako forward pass to Nikorima as it was 2m forward.

Ford knock it on from a late pass from Walker.

Dolphins penalised for to much in ruck on DWZ.

Great work by TMM with ball in hand scoring under the post, getting through some weak tackles falling off him!

12-16 34mins

Ray Stone tackling Ale from kickoff dislocates something, but he stays on!

KB tackles below the knees as 3rd man in On Ale and penalised. On their 35m.

Kosi taken into touch 1m out, poor pass by DWZ slowed it down.

Ball spread wide to Montoya inside our 40m and get to their 20m.

TMM grubber kicks to early and Hammer easy waiting for it.

Barnett Thru the Nikorima tackle.

TMM kicks bomb, called diffused, but Issako never had control, should have been play on, then forced by us. Should be a try! Could we have challenged it???


Kosi called knock on the bomb.

Kosi trying to pass , called 2 on 1 strip.

Ref hadn't called 6 more after bomb touched by Dolphins. Warriors ball 15m out.

6 more Dolphins inside the 10m.

Shit even Blocker see Lussick is shit at dummy half, picking It up and standing rather than passing off the ground!

TMM knocks on.

Farnsworth with a break again.

Dolphins peged for inside the 10m.

Roach ruled out of the match with ankle injury.

CHT nearly srips it out of Hammers hand on kick thru.

Walker loses ball at line, then Dolphins throw the ball out. But no advantage, Captains challenge. Looks a stripping action as hands push down, but of course bunker thinks he is wrapping up the ball! BULLSHIT! How can you wrap it with your forearm???

Hammer knocks on a TMM bomb and Ford regathers.

6 more on tackle 1 to long on the legs.

6 more again as inside the 10m.

DWZ holding the ball out and driving over Farnsworth.

18-16 58mins

DWZ loses the ball, but Dolphins penalised for inside the 10m. Looked like a strip as well.

On their 45m.

CHT chip forces drop out.

Huge 55m droppout.

TMM grubber forces back to back dropouts.

Another long 45m dropout.

3rd dropout forced, another TMM grubber.

Havent seen this kicking game all year.

Short dropout 20m.

Niukore tramples over the Dolphins and bunlded to the line.

24-16 69mins

Jazz loses ball in tackle, looked stripped at, but no challenges 30m out.

6 again, Ford to long in tackle, 1st infringement of game.

6 again for ruck infringement, leg twist/pull by Ford inside our 10m.

Montoya nails Issako again over the sideline, pass looked forward as well.

Dolphin Bomb allowed to bounces, was DWZ tackled in the air? New rule ref doesn't know about?

Barnett off with 5mins left, he'll of a game from him.

Nikorima grubber forced by Issako, kicked behind Montoya.

24-20 76mins.

No Golden point please!

Dolphins, with a forward pass called, just as flat as their first try!

Great defense holding Dolphin's onside 20m, then huge break and TMM get Their winger!

DWZ takes the bomb with 40Sec left.

I came on here at half time to have whinge about Gould and Johns commentary but there was no thread.
Anyway, dwz cost us a try with a shit pass.
Kosi knocked on his first play.
Roache off for high ankle sprain.
This game reminds me of the covid years where we were using other teams players to make up a team.
Fought back well towards the end of the first half.
Anyway f**k off gould and johns. Arrogant f**ks
Sorry rep netball is ruling my life at the moment on Sundays!
Just proves that 13 fit players who want a win are better than 13 crocks.
Indeed. And how Webby reintegrates SJ could be key to how the rest of the season pans out. TMM has been huge since he's been running the ship. Gotta keep him more involved somehow.
Lucky you!
Yea man. It was actually my son that pointed out we had the Fox commentary on, even he hates the local mob and I hadn't even clicked.

Dunno know how it happened though. I know switching feeds has been doable before but I havent had any luck since we changed to the sky pod thingy.

Shaun Hewitt

First Grade
WTF is going on here.
I never would have picked us to win either of the last 2 games.

So much heart on show, and it'll make interesting selections coming up

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