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Dragons eager to keep Morris, but Poore could be a lost cause


While St George Illawarra are virtually resigned to losing star prop Justin Poore, the club has renewed hope of securing in-form winger Brett Morris to a new contract.

The Dragons now turn their attention to retaining Morris (right) after signing second-rower Ben Creagh to a new four year deal and hooker Dean Young for a further three years in the past week.

Morris' agent David Riolo yesterday said the winger has received "several expressions of interest" from rival NRL clubs, but the 22-year-old is hoping to remain at the Dragons.

"He has indicated that he is happy there and would like to stay," Riolo told the Mercury yesterday.

"Brett has certainly enjoyed the chance to play under Wayne Bennett.

"We are looking at his options, but he certainly won't move lightly."

A cagey Riolo was reluctant to discuss offers on the table for Morris, but the Bulldogs are understood to be the only other serious contenders, after twin brother Josh moved there at the start of the season.

Brett has become hot property in the NRL after his electrifying form on the left wing, scoring seven tries this season, including a club record-equalling four-try haul against North Queensland.

Riolo said he and Morris had met Dragons chief executive Peter Doust, but had not yet sat down with Bulldogs officials.

The negotiations come as Poore is believed to be close to signing a three-year deal worth close to $1 million with the Sharks.

The Dragons have not moved to upgrade their original offer to Poore, which is understood to be about $80,000 per season less than what he could earn at the Sharks and Parramatta.

Poore and manager Todd Buckingham have gained a guarantee about payments because of the Sharks' current financial strife and their major sponsorship with LG under threat in the wake of the 2002 group sex claims involving the club.

However, it is believed Poore is still favouring a switch to Cronulla rather than Parramatta because it is closer to his home in Wollongong.

Poore, who produced a sensational performance against the Bulldogs to keep himself in NSW State of Origin calculations, will travel to his potential new home when the Dragons take on the Sharks at Toyota Park on Saturday night.

Through a statement to club members, Dragons recruitment manager Craig Young yesterday defended the offer made to Poore.

"Our offer would place Justin in the top few players in terms of salary at our club," Young said.
"But Justin and his manager have informed the club they wish to pursue alternatives with a view to gaining a better financial offer."



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wow.. buckingham is really earning his 9% with all the press releases he's putting out....... i don't know about anyone else, but i'm pretty sick of every dragons news article lately being about poore or morris...

surely there are other stories for journalists to focus on..?

Godz Illa

See the cynic in me would suggest that Poore's manager is trying to weasel more money out of the Dragons, while Morris' manager is trying to weasel more money out of other clubs. And it's hard not to be cynical when discussing player managers - they belong to the same genus as sub-species like the used car salesman or the dodgy real estate agent.


Just wondering,

Does anyone here know where contract negotiations stand with Dan Hunt? He is off contract at the end of the season I believe


Post Whore
if we keep morris then every contract that Brett/Josh comes to negotiate will be coloured by where their brother is playing at.


pat i wasnt having a go... i know who arthur daley is, but i was just wondering how many others would :)

Sorry if you missunderstood.


Very rude to speak in foreign tongue in a room full of english speaking people avenger..shame on you :p


yeah im nearly there... doesnt feel so bad when you have a wife who's 13 years younger than you.

thanks mate