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Dragons vs St Helens


Nice cool dip in the ocean after training is over? Can’t do that at Penrith, Parra, Wests , bulldogs or raiders ! Living in the south coast does have its attractions despite what some say on here.
I have always believed that a 'sister club' relationship with St Helens and Catalan Dragons would greatly benefit both sides. The lure of a 1 season stint in Australia/Europe may be a big plus in the participant's personal development on and off the field.

Imagine if our promising juniors were part of an exchange program when reaching the age of 19. The exchange term would be 1 year and under a mutual agreement between players and the clubs concerned.

Natbe the exchange of one of the coaching staff (at the assistant level) would also be of benefit to both the NRL and ESL.
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I dont know what to think about this game, for us its just a trial but for St Helens they will be out to smash us. With the injuries that we already have I really hope we pick up no other major dramas, that would really finish off our season even before it starts. We dont even have a top 30 finalised, and I think we are going to promote some juniors into those positions maybe too early, we will see, but it will also weaken our lower grade. Anyway I'll be there watching and praying we dont suffer a humiliating loss, but especially no injuries.


And Kogarah should be upgraded to an international standard venue, with an international Hotel replacing the Taj. A very successful move given the location is in close proximity to Mascot airport.
The whole club needs to be rebuilt , they should approach developers with the idea of building a state of the art club , with high rise appartments on top making some sort of deal with them , like the Panthers Club ...... I know it will take time to get it over the line , council , and hight restrictions , they seem to have lots of land ...... If it can be done might be they way to go .......


Sloan, Kerr and Faumuina are playing for the Indigenous All Stars, so they're out of this trial. Sullivan also likely to miss, and I think Francis Molo is still suspended. Likely team lineup?

1. Treigh Stewart
2. Feagai
3. Lomax
4. Suli
5. Ravalawa
6. Mbye
7. Hunt
8. Lawrie
9. Liddle
10. De Belin
11. Burns
12. Sua
13. Bird

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