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Eels 3 2 1s


What a performance

We just keep keeping on despite having no right to be in contention. We are a genuine chance at finishing 4th now which would be a remarkable achievement.

Our defence was good but Parra were awful in attack, still I will take the 0.

I was busy last night so only had one eye on the game and will reserve points until I watch the replay.


3 - Manu
2 - Ted
1 - Walker

Thought Sitili was great too and is really coming into his own on those edges. Egan Butcher too - outstanding. This kid could be anything.

All in all, a really good win. Eels were awful though but hats off to our blokes. They really have a wonderful culture, which shows in their performances each week.

Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
3 - Manu
2 - Ted
1 - Walker

Thats how I saw it too, H.
Although proud of their effort under adversity, the glass half empty part of me reminds me that it was only Parra. But still good to finally beat a top four team and nil to boot. Our slow starts are still a cause for concern and a team like Storm would’ve sealed a win against us in that first 15 minute period. Tons of drop ball but hoping the humidity played a part there. We also struggled to get the ball out of our end at times too. Anyway, didn’t think top four was possible a few weeks ago. Gotta love this club.
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Headless Chook

3. Manu
2. Sitili
1. Keighran

Apparently Manu had the most game running metres of any player in the history of the NRL beating Gutherson’s previous mark. That sneaky 50m he stole from the penalty tap was a smart play. Thank god we kept our best centre.

Parra are useless without Moses by the looks of it but as they say you can only play what’s in front of you. We most likely will get found out in the finals but stranger things have happened and we could surprise.

congrats to big Jared on his 250 although he’ll more than likely cop a week on the sidelines after being charged. At least some things never change.

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