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Eels in the media


First Grade
Sounds like a bit of late spin to save his reputation... what a dumb merkin.

Quotes below are from matto 2 days after the GF.

He had the shits and didnt want to pay fine.

“I just feel that $4000 is pretty hefty considering I have already paid close to $4000 in fines this year for things that are absurd,” Matterson said, per AAP.

“At the end of the day I have personal things I need to worry about outside of rugby league. I just didn’t think it was warranted.

“If you do something wrong at work. They don’t take money off you.

“It’s always hard. I love playing. It’s something I spoke to the club about before I made the decision.

“Obviously it’s a hard one, but I have personal reasons I need to take into consideration.”
Yep, the decision appears to have had nothing about thinking the trials were part of it or not.

I guess he has to try and have some excuses ready, if we miss the finals (or the top 4) by 2, 4 or 6 points on the ladder...