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Eels Next Coach

Who will be Eels Next Coach

  • Hannay

    Votes: 30 29.4%
  • Hollbrook

    Votes: 12 11.8%
  • Ryles

    Votes: 33 32.4%
  • Morris

    Votes: 5 4.9%
  • Cheika

    Votes: 22 21.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Ryles and any other coach will be jumping at this job.
They all know the eels stay loyal and will not sack anyone early.
The next coach in will be on very decent money.
The roster has 3 soo players and good juniors about come into first grade (hopefully Blaze, MA and Guymer re sign)
They have a centre of excellence being built.
The next coach will not give a shit about who the hof is or the recruitment committee is or the board.
They will just know it's great job security and if they coach well this team can play finals and they will have a 10 year job.


Axed South Sydney coach Jason Demetriou has taken the first steps towards a return to the NRL as a head coach after meeting Parramatta powerbrokers.

It is understood that Demetriou was one of a handful of potential candidates who interviewed for the Parramatta head coaching position, which was vacated when Brad Arthur was sacked last month.

Demetriou, Josh Hannay, Trent Barrett and Jason Ryles are among those who have spoken with the Eels about the job, as has former Wallaby coach Michael Cheika.

Parramatta are understood to have completed their first round of talks and will whittle down their list before speaking with their preferred targets at least one more time.

Demetriou has emerged as a contender despite keeping a relatively low profile since being dumped by South Sydney earlier this year. The former Rabbitohs coach led the club to the preliminary final in his first year in charge but missed the final in his second year and was then axed after they languished at the bottom of the ladder this season.

His name had not been linked with the job before but Demetriou – who has dipped his toe into the media landscape since stepping away from the spotlight –

had indicated his desire to return to the head coaching position and it is understood he was interviewed as part of the club’s search for a new mentor.

Current interim coach Barrett is campaigning hard to keep the job although it is understood that Ryles and Hannay remain the early favourites. Cheika is understood to have impressed in his conversations but there is a natural concern given he has never coached rugby league for any great period of time.

NSW coach Michael Maguire was another of the leading contenders but he withdrew from the process to focus on the State of Origin series.

Demetriou confirmed he had met the Eels and said he would relish the chance to reignite one of the game’s sleeping giants.

“It sort of woke me up from my slumber a bit, got me excited, got the adrenalin going again,” Demetriou said on Triple M NRL.

“I am a strong believer that I am a career coach and I will get an opportunity again, This experience has taught me some lessons that really prepped me for that next opportunity that comes.

“You go into head coaching thinking you know that you are ready. Sometimes it takes a bit of a smack in the face to realise this is what it is all about.

“For me it was about getting out there again, getting the blood going, getting the excitement to put my hat back in the ring. I am excited for the next challenge in my career.

“I am quite brutal in terms of how I reflect. I walked away feeling good about whatever the future holds.”

If Demetriou has his way, it will be at the Eels. Asked why the Parramatta job was so coveted in the coaching ranks, Demetriou said: “First and foremost they have a roster - a very good roster. As a coach you think about how you can impact that roster.

“I think Brad Arthur has left that roster in decent shape. It is a strong, vibrant club that is running well. Two years ago they were beaten in a grand final.

“There is a really strong roster there, an outstanding spine, some really big forwards as well. So I is a team I would love to coach if given the opportunity but there are some really great candidates out there who are putting their hand up.

“There is a reason why everyone is putting their hand up. It is an exciting job. It would be great to be part of a journey that reignites Parramatta.”



If you took out Demetriou last half of 2023 and the start to this year he has a very impressive record.
I almost give him an out at Souths with trying to coach a Latrell and Cody that sometimes have a crack other times look like they don't care and he also had some injuries with Souths.
I would take him over Barrett, Holbrook anyway.


Demetriou returned to Australia in 2013, becoming the head coach for the Northern Pride in the Queensland Cup. During his two seasons at the Pride, the club won back-to-back minor premierships, the 2014 Queensland Cup Grand Final and the inaugural NRL State Championship game. In 2014, he coached the Queensland Residents side, who defeated the NSW Cup rep side 24–16.
In October 2014, Demetriou joined the North Queensland Cowboys as an assistant coach.[9]On 4 October 2015, Demetriou was a member of the North Queensland coaching staff in the side's 17–16 Grand Final victory over Brisbane.
In January 2016, Demetriou joined the St. George Illawarra Dragons as an assistant coach and as head coach to their NSW Cupfeeder team, the Illawarra Cutters.[10] In September 2016, he was named coach of the 2016 Intrust Super Premiership NSW Team of the Year.[11] He went on to win the grand final with the Cutters that year.
In 2017, Demetriou joined Brisbane under head coach Wayne Bennett.[12] He took over as the side's attacking coach in Round 6 of the 2018 NRL season, with the side scoring the second most tries in the competition from that point forward.[13]
In December 2018, he joined South Sydney as an assistant coach, following Bennett to the club.[14] In February 2020, it was announced that Demetriou would succeed Bennett as head coach at the end of the 2021 NRL season.[15] On 6 August 2020, it was announced Demetriou would make his coaching debut for the South Sydney Rabbitohs after head coach Wayne Bennett breached the NRL's COVID-19 protocols.[16]His first match as coach saw the South Sydney club defeat Brisbane by 28–10 at ANZ Stadiumin Sydney.[17]
Following the conclusion of the 2021 NRL season, he replaced the outgoing Bennett as the new head coach of South Sydney. In his first official game in charge, South Sydney were defeated 11-4 by Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium. In round 3 of the 2022 NRL season, he earned his first win in charge of South Sydney against arch rivals the Sydney Roosters.[18] In his first full season at South Sydney, he guided the club to their fifth straight preliminary final. Souths took an early 12-0 lead over Penrith but were eventually defeated 32-12.[19] In his second season at the club, Demetriou guided Souths to second place on the table during the midway point of the 2023 NRL season. However, the club would suffer a form slump in the second half of the year only winning four matches. South Sydney would finish 9th on the table missing the finals for the first time since 2017.[20]
At the start of the 2024 NRL season under Demetriou, South Sydney lost their opening three matches of the season including a humiliating 48-6 loss against arch-rivals the Sydney Roosters. It was South Sydney's worst start to a season since 2008.[21] Ahead of the clubs round 6 game against Cronulla, it was reported that Demetriou would be sacked as South Sydney head coach if they failed to win the match. Despite the team losing the match 34-22, Demetriou was not terminated due to an observable improvement in the team's effort for the game. The team would ultimately suffer yet another defeat after their subsequent bye, losing to Melbourne 54-20. Although no formal announcement was made by the club about Demetriou's status immediately following the loss, it was reported that club officials would be holding an official meeting regarding his future. [22] On 30 April 2024, the club formally terminated Demetriou as coach, appointing Ben Hornby as an interim for the remainder of the season. [23]


Murph's interview....

Panel - "What do you see as the biggest positive you can bring to the position?"
Murph - "Ummm. Well.... I've been here for like, 11 years I think it is. So I've already got all the keys and swipe cards to access all the buildings and I know the combination to turn the floodlights on at the training ground so the handover is seamless.... Plus I've already got a tonne of merch and training polo shirts so you'll be saving some dollars there, I won't need anymore"

Panel - "Thanks for your time. The receptionist will lead you out."
Murph - "So I'll wait to hear from you yeah?"
Panel - "Yes"

Panel post interview de-brief - "I like him. I like him A LOT! Let's put him on the call back list"


What about Ryan Carr? Has coached in England and did well. Coached Parra lower grades just a few years ago so would have a rapport with quite a few players. And importantly he played a huge part in the resurgence of Zac Lomax (your new favourite player)

"He just instills competing," Lomax said.
"That's the main thing he instills in us, competing, enthusiasm and just not walking. He brings confidence too. he's obviously a young [coach], he's very intense and loves his footy.
"He's a mad footy head and, just eats, sleeps and breathes rugby league. He knows footy like the back of his hand. He absolutely dissects everything and sometimes he comes in off of zero sleep.
"You try to tell him to get away and just have a couple of days off but that's the way he ticks and that's why he's a head coach at the moment. He dedicates his heart and soul to it.
"The best thing about Carry, is he's a really good dude off the field, a family man and he's been really good for us. We've been lucky to be able to have him and, as a team, we've definitely learned a lot."


Staff member
"Cheika is also understood to have impressed in his conversations but the board are nervous he’s only coached one rugby league team, Lebanon at the World Cup, in his decorated career."

As if the board would tell a merkin from Fox that.


Staff member
sounds like all the coaching candidates have had their managers leaking to media this week......while some candidates are trying to talk themselves up...

while the media is trying to create some "click bait" articles, drumming up crap as eels sells.......


Staff member
Hahaha a source for the facts of his coaching record??
Okay it's newspaper called Wikipediagraph.
Feel free to double check though as everything he has done as a coach checks out with what is there.

source it or lose it, up to you


sounds like all the coaching candidates have had their managers leaking to media this week......while some candidates are trying to talk themselves up...

while the media is trying to create some "click bait" articles, drumming up crap as eels sells.......
Is Cheika still unmanaged?