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Eli Katoa


Potentially a gun but TBH probably not the kind of player we really need at this point. George is still a jerk though


I disagree - if we can't develop someone with that level of potential, we're more shithouse than I imagined - should have an environment where he wants to stay, and can develop - the other backrowers are decent, but only Tohu is in danger of being described as elite - and he's playing prop these days
We can't keep pursuing this model of failing to develop, sending them off and hoping they come back soon enough as much better players.
It feels like it happens to us a lot, players leaving and improving.
Often it's the kick in the butt or removal from unprofessional personal life that forces their development/improvement.
It happens in other places.

Watched Toby Rudolf All In interview and he had similar story, couldn't crack it at Souths, shiped to Redcliffe, caused a wakeup call, outside his comfort zone of home, took it more professional off field, put more into training, made his NRL debut at 24 for Sharks.

Mr Angry

Not a Referee
This is why you continue to fail, losing this kid is diabolical.

Dead set stupid. FMD, SMH.