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Ex-coach Daniel Anderson injured bodysurfing.


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Australian media are reporting that former New Zealand Warriors coach Daniel Anderson has been rushed to hospital after a body surfing accident in New South Wales.

The Sydney Morning Herald says Anderson was body surfing at Soldiers Beach when he appears to have been dumped by a big wave.

The Herald says he may have had a cardiac arrest as the result of the accident.

He has been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital.

There are conflicting reports on his condition; the Daily Telegraph and Courier Mail say he is on a ventilator in hospital.

Fox Sports says he may have been dumped on his neck by the wave as family rushed to his aid.

Anderson is currently the recruitment boss of the Sydney Roosters. The Rosters have issued a statement saying he has been taken to hospital where he is under the care of doctors.

He is probably the Warriors most successful coach: he took them to their first finals series in 2001 and a Grand Final in 2002. He resigned in 2004.

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