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Discussion in 'Health, Fitness and Well Being' started by Bazal, Oct 4, 2017.

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    This kind of thread might exist already, but I've got a lot of injuries so here it is anyway.

    Looking for some advice on doing weights with a shoulder injury.

    I'm a former fast bowler who was never really ideally built for it, too short at 182cm and thus relied a lot on my shoulder to generate pace. Now that I'm older (32) this fault in my action has left me with a busted shoulder.

    The short of it is I appear to have a SLAP tear, although with it not improving over the last four months an MRI will probably be needed and might show otherwise. Because of the pain associated with it I often find it tough to do anything but cardio, or to go to the gym at all, and I can't do a lot of the exercises I used to do.

    It's a pain because I've obviously put on a bit more body fat and gone back up to 89kg, but I'm not too worried about losing that at this stage.

    Pre injury I did 50-100 pull ups every session and once a week I did chest flies and stuff like that, which I obviously can't now

    Basically I'm wondering if there are any chest exercises I can do that don't really impact the shoulder too much. I can row, both rowing machine and seated row, so the chin ups are kinda sorta replaced but I can't seem to do any chest stuff. Because of the imbalance in the rotation of the joint any chest flies, even on the machine, are totally out and benching I just don't have the strength or stability in the joint to do any meaningful work. It's a pain tbh.

    Cricket is back on so I'll be running around a lot more, and I'm starting some high intensity stuff to deal with the weight gain but I'd love to be able to at least stop the muscles in the chest from atrophying too much...
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    Hello there. I had a SLAPS tear around this time last year. I trained carefully over the year and increased the intensity until I was training upper body 3 times a week and incorporating some chest/overhead exercises (usually just one per session).

    After that my shoulder felt more brittle and some of the pain came back. I would recommend laying of chest altogether really. It's not worth it because the recovery is too long when you could be training your back the whole time.

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