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Fantasy Leagues 2014 - Pre Season


There looks like being some big changes this year to Dream Team including a name change, total split between salary cap and draft versions and a heavily modified scoring system much harsher on errors, less points for kick metres, better points for running metres, increased points in most attacking stats. Supercoach is yet to reveal itself but it does look like there will be additional scoring categories e.g. one on one tackles and defusing bombs.

The big difference will be the difficulty in getting your guns in at the start of the year. In Supercoach, rookies like Luke Brooks will be available super cheap as they have played less than 3 games. But in Dream Team, players with less than 7 games will start the season with their 2013 average minus 30%. It looks like Brooks will cost about $95k in Supercoach but $205k in Dream Team. Big difference. Far less cash cows.

For those who play both versions of the game, expect to have very different starting sides for Round 1. It will be much harder to assemble the gun side in Dream Team than Supercoach. Trades will be very strategic (looks like Dream Team trades will increase by 2. In truth, it actually looks like Dream Team will be a tougher, more strategic game and you will have fewer players in common with your opponent.

I apologise for lack of links but I gleaned this from a number of sites and conversations and quite frankly can't remember them all. One to look at, and join, is nrlsupercoachtalk.com.au.