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Discussion in 'NRL' started by LeagueXIII, Aug 1, 2020.

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    What a refreshing change to hear on a podcast this week Melbourne Storm forward Christian Welch give his opinion when asked what he would like to see improved in the game he said the general reporting of the game by the written media is way too negative in comparison to other codes and was used as easy click bait for lazy journo's. He attacked articles written by staff writers as bogus and in general went to town on the standard of league writing compared to AFL. Particularly used the outrage of Lattrell Mitchell in comparison to mild responses to AFL bad behaviour which was infact criminal offences ie. drink driving etc.

    I think rather then hearing our ex "stars" churn out the company line with few original ideas this type of independent thought by players questioning the status quo is exactly what rugby league needs rather then the dumbed down rubbish we have been getting for years.

    For journos like Kent and Super Hoops to keep saying rugby league the game that just keeps giving and rugby league thrives on drama, no it doesn't you guys and your fellow leeches in the media do!!!
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    Too bloody true!

    Guys like Kent, Rothfield and especially Hooper are cancers on the game in my opinion.

    The negativity is for all to see day in and day out.

    The way they go after particular players is nothing short of harassment in some cases.Yet these journos in particular Kent and Rothfield have the thinnest skin. The little keyboard heroes can’t handle it when it is thrown back at them. Cowards.

    Their arrogance in their own self importance is breath taking and unfortunately Foxtel has given these sewer rats an even bigger platform and arrogance never seen before.
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