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Fitzy's league Sledge

Spot On

Well, we’ll…

A few hours after claiming victory on behalf of ‘the people’ big noting himself and his column for receiving huge praise from the public for supporting the NSW government’s backflip on stadium funding, rugby union fans we’re lucky to escape serious injury after Leichhardt Oval crumbled.

Great news no one was seriously injured but highlighted the need for urgent upgrading by the NSW Government.

Great timing Peter.

What a dill you are.
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Another week, another column devoted to haranguing one of his 2 punching bags... this time it's the LIV golf tour copping it again (at least rugby league gets a break today)....

I posted the below in response to his criticism of the LIV tour and Cam Smith's imminent signing with them. Let's see if I get published!! 😝

"Whether Smith signs with LIV or not, the PGA tour is already taking a hit. The tour is already missing guys like DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson as well as Brooks Koepka, blokes who people switched their TV's on to see. As an avid watcher of the PGA Tour, the past 3 months has felt really flat outside of the majors. I wouldn't expect a casual observer such as the author of the piece above to know any better, as from all accounts the breadth of his exposure to the game is watching the closing stages of the Masters on the 2nd Monday morning each April and zilch outside of that.

No doubt the game needs to come together at some point. If Smith goes, and then someone like Morikawa or Justin Thomas or Jordan Spieth or Zalatoris go (check out Google if you want to know who they are Fitz), ongoing ridicule of the LIV tour will become somewhat benign. Throw in a couple of the young Korean guns and Matsuyama and all of a sudden the balance of power shifts markedly.

As it stands, the ongoing rants on the subject in these columns makes me think there's something else at play here. Something beyond the author's disdain for Greg Norman and the Saudi regime.... Can't quite put my finger on it but it would be nice to know what it is or at the very least, give the readers a break from the subject for a while. Some new material is needed ASAP.... "


First Grade
His daughter is kinda hot lol

mummy got her a job as an editor with no experience
And Daddy has managed to pull a few favours from his bosses at Fairfax/9 and have them publish a couple of articles their son has written as a "contributor"....