France have to build their team around Marion & Goudemand

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    The key to any good team is the spine. A team with good players in the core positions in RL normally does well. You will find that with the successful Australian national teams and the Wigan teams in the 90s.

    The spine in RL is full back, the halves, loose forward and hooker.

    If France are going to close the gap between them and the top 3, they must establish which young players NOW will form that spine between now and the 2021 World Cup.

    Two of those players, I have admired over the past year are Anthony Marion and Mickael Goudemand. Both players are great team players with really good core skills, vision and leadership qualities.

    Goudemand made his debut today for the Dragons scoring two tries and I would love to see much more of him in SL this season. Marion continues to play well for TO.

    These are the guys along with Fages, Albert and Miloudi that will help France close the gap between them and the top three. That's potentially a really strong spine of a team that can develop in the next few years.
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