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From the mouth of Tony Kemp

Penrose Warrior

First Grade
This needs its own thread - Tony Kemp on SEN Radio - I don't listen to it, but I get the news in my facebook feed. He is hilarious. And as Warriors fans, we need humour.

His latest effort is suggesting we should sign five players right now - James Fisher Harris (signed until 2026, big contract to buy out), Dylan Edwards, Brandon Smith (who also gets the captaincy in Kemp's scenario), Jack Wighton and Nicho Hynes - all of whom are contracted until 2024 and beyond. Guaranteed premiership for us!! Accountants, be damned!! Who sells brown paper bags in NZ...

Another favourite was when he had a go at the Warriors for their history of appointing sub-par, inexperienced and unqualified NRL coaches 😂

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
I listen to their show on the way to work each morning, it isn’t a bad listen and Kemp is entertaining enough and happy to share and opinion and also take the piss out of himself too

I’d recommend downloading the app and listen to the chat they had with Ridgey a few weeks back, was really good

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