Fundraiser Run for Latin American Rugby League!

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    Hi guys,

    For those who want to know my secret identity my name is Matthew Brown. I've been involved with the Latin Heat for years now and have supported the organisation for a long time. I've also helped other International Rugby league organisations whenever I could as well.

    Now myself and several other volunteers from our organisation are doing the famous City2surf fun run to raise money for Rugby league in Latin America. We're hoping to raise $10 K to help raise for events such as;

    - Latin Heat at the Enwc
    -Chile In the American Wcq's for 2021
    -Various aid for domestic and international Rugby League competitions within Latin America for 2019.

    100% of proceeds are going towards these kind of projects so if you could help donate to the following link it would make the world to all our volunteers, players, officials etc who work tirelessly to help spread the greatest game of all to a new frontier!

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    Good luck mate!!

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