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Future Rugby League Stars

When he first came off the bench Jake Halangahu looked at sea away from his accustomed left edge but soon found his feet and did his share of strong middle carries and tackling.


First Grade
Yah I compare him to Dave Fifita or Dave Taylor (the freight train), maybe he's a bit shorter is all.. but his built like a tractor, the wheels seem to keep turning no matter how much load he is carrying... and if he actually gets space he has some skill too.. hes a very interesting prospect.

All 3 of our young 2nd rowers (Egan, NickT, Halangahu) and throw in RyanC if you like as a 4th.. they are completely different body shapes.. all of em.. its so intriguing.. im still not 100% sure on Egan, but he is growing slowly all year at nsw cup level... I think thats the part we forget at times.. I know the Cowboys have Nanai, Finef, Luki all starring at 19-20yrs old.. but I think they r freaks.. I guess you could argue RyanC is also a freak @20yrs old, but watching Egan.. he was more of a monster in lower grades, hes having to rly slowly get bigger and stronger and faster and develop a game that works at a higher level.. I think all our young boys will need to do that.. its not just a given that what worked with boys will work against men.


What was surprising but also frightening for Queensland was that, as big as Loko is, he looked to be the smallest of the NSW prop rotation- not so much in height but thickness of girth. He still managed to send defenders flying with a couple of his carries but I echo the sentiments of other posters in that, he is a work in progress and plays like a 19yo still learning the art of playing prop.