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GAME DAY vs the Green clapping merkins.


All that defensive resolve and we give a try away like that.... jeez...

Moylan having one of those games he’s more than capable of having where he looks a cat.... Chad, lots of running across the field, backwards looking for a drop off - the one time he actually ran forward with the ball and we looked dangerous. And does he not have any strength in his legs to at least get a bit of height on his bombs, they’re pathetic

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First Grade
Who is the strength coach fair dinkum, our fowards can't even match there rumbling pack.
Our first hit up of game no intensity from Woods, he is one of highest priced forwards at club, so he set example of rest.
Hiroti offers nothing he gets ball dosent even look like will bust line more he is thinking just hold the ball, and he was talked up by bomber.
Canberra beat Tigers ok, and they got flogged today, let's see how our bench goes, they have veterans doing ok


Are you blind, he dived on the ball and it popped out hahaha fmd.
Are you ducking blind he was chasing 40 metres back because Moylan can’t pass and half the team didn’t have the heart to turn and chase.

Townsend has been rubbish this game but the blind hatred just has you saying stupid as f**k things you simple merkin.

Cheese sandwich

Agree with whoever said Canberra are nothing special but geez those 2 units we have in the halves have done everything to relieve the pressure they could.

Dugans shuffly little cross field hit ups are getting on my nerves too.

Think Gawler greyhounds might be a better option for me to watch the mood this team has put me in :)