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GAME DAY vs Western Sydney Balmain Magpie Tigers

Special K

We belted them. The second half fade away is a concern as always but I don’t mind tight games compared to blow outs. They really only got 1 try on us as Nu was short and we put a decent score on. That first half was a deadset training run and we blew them off the park - yes I know it’s the tigers but still to do that and not get out of 2nd gear is a good sign.

Fitz has done wonders for our soft middle. Toby, Royce and BHU are f**king animals. We just bashed the shit out of the tigers defence with the ball last night and were making insane meters. And the soft D shite in the middle seems to be eliminated.

just remember no Moylan, Sifa, WK who all are to come back. Hope Toby is alright


Yeah, there weren't any last week either and it's clear 3G Shark is being used differently. He was firmly parked in the middle behind the ruck most of last night's game. He made that break, he backed up in the guts to score, he was trailing TPP and Roy Sunt without getting ball but was there.

He threw one bullet of a pass to Ramien which put Noodles under immense pressure but the pass was so pure Ramien probably couldn't have dropped it.
My type of fullback


No sweep plays has very little to do with Kennedys absence and mainly down to Moylan being out.
Moylan is the one that sets up our sweep plays and the fullback chimes in.
If Moylan is back this week watch it return and be even more dangerous with Dykes.

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