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Gameday Warriors v Tigers


It wouldn’t be a Warriors game without at least a few mins of brain explosion

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
Take the 2 and be proud of the effort put in, the correct team won

Tigers are in hole like the Bulldogs have been in and there isn’t much suggesting there is a way out


That game was aweful, however your mob had a great excuse for playing as they did.
The Tigers had no excuses other than an injury during the game.
Good win under the circumstances. 👍🏼
Round 11 since our last win.
Guard of honour for 400 game for Cummins.

Penalty for high contact on Tiger, Laurie holding ankle (broken). On first set.
Nothing obvious on replay.
Mbye throw ball out on last tackle.

Penalty for Warriors on escort on Pompey.
On Tigers 20m.
BMM kills it on play 1 with a shit pass.
Followed by a 6 again for Tigers.
Then knocked on by Tigers on halfway.

6 again for Warriors.
O'Sullivan grubber sat up for Violia, but knocked dead.

DWZ goes into tackle high and driven back 10m in goal.
Tigers grubber earns another dropout.
Walsh with a solid 55m dropout.

Set restart on 4th for Tigers after a poor kick by Walsh, who didn't back it up with a chase.
Tigers crack us out wide, Pompey turned in on dummy runner leaving Montoya with 2 men to tackle.


Montoya makes a great break, Walsh looming inside and pass goes over his shoulder. Hmmm

Mbye shapes to pass and digs in and spins to score with Walsh and Siro trying to hold him up.


6again for flop on Walsh after taking bomb.
Walsh kicks on the 3rd. Tigers start it off their 20m.

Nikorima on and running at dummy half.
Montoya caught on last 8m out.

Nikorima called on foward pass, seen 3 worse tonight not called.
Aitken cops a kick to face in struggling ball carrier on ground.
Leulia loses ball 10m out.
O'Sullivan kicking on 3rd inside the 40m.

Tigers trying quick play the ball,slipping getting up on halfway.

Violia gets flopped on by Brooks and no call then stuffs play the ball 10m out.

6again, Katoa not square.

6again for Warriors ruck infringement.
No Time awareness, Hiku pass to Evans goes to ground.


Nofaloma stuffs play the ball, putting it behind Evans foot on their 40m.

Aitken the backorder scores, Dewey moved out creating the gap, looked easy.

10-6 44min

Nikoirma hospital pass to Siro, called stripped by Tigers that goes forward.
Scrum on their 20m.
Bunty barge over!!!! TRY
We had options around the ball, Nikorima shapes to go out the back and hit Bunty.

10-12 49min

Great defensive scramble to keep Tigers out with 1000s passes.

DWZ earns a set restart.
But Siro gets stripped by Leulia on half way.
Tigers lose ball in tackle on our 40m, captains challenge.
Aitken hands around the ball area, but ball loose is called by Bunker.

Tigers touch a loose ball on ground on 5th and tackle restart after a bit of jungle football inside their 10m.
O'Sullivan grubber with no one chasing, touched by Ken to go dead.
Short dropout.
Aitken takes it on the bounce on the 10m and runs to score it.

10-18 58mins

Montoya loses ball in tackle, squeezed out. Had a solid game till that.

Dewie scores, cutting back across after O'Sullivan chases to out to hard.

16-18 62min

BMM play the ball interfered with, quick tap Walsh gains 20m
Hiku reaches out and loses it just short apparently. No bunker look.

Walsh loses spiral bomb backwards.

O'Sullivan strips Dewie 1 on 1 on their 40m
Violia throws ball into touch with DWZ up flat.

O'Sullivan chip has Atiken trap tigers in goal. Good read as Fullback in tackle.
Another short dropout, Violia takes it.
Hiku chips into Brooks leg who gathers and sprints off for a 90m try.
OHHHHH it hit his left arm!!!! No try!!!
Scrum 10m out. 9mins left
Tigers scrum break, penalty, not taking the 2.
Hiku loses ball in tackle in a shocking set.

Dewie takes 2 point field goal attempt.
Misses and goes dead, 7 tackle set.

The 18 year old dummy half kicks a grubber dead.

Walsh steals ball on ground as no dummy half.

Who want to lose this game the most?????

6again on tackle 1 for tigers.

Brooke's takes 2 point shot and it's worse than Dewies and goes dead. 7 tackles to close the game out with 1min 15.

Aitken cramp, tigers touch kick and 6 again with 15sec to go.

WOW, who needs RTS

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I’ll happily take the win and moral victory purely because we won despite having plenty of reasons for being shit that aren’t really the team/club’s fault, while our opponents were just shit on their own terms.
Post match conference.
Hook (Dragons) and Sticky (Raiders) reached out to offer loan players.
Greatful for offer, but wants younger players to get some experience.

Aitken may have found a new position.

Game similar to rest of games, good in parts and not so in others.

RTS bla bla

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