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General Discussion Thread


Bizza being Bizza - unprofessional but not the end of the world.

in this social media world, the NRL should be doing more to promote Bizza, certainly gets the attention of SM world and would grow the game


I saw that. Have no idea in what context this happened. So no carryon as yet from me.

Was it a previous jersey of Samoa's. Was it a party game I have no idea.

The pile on by news ltd this year I believe will be relentless with Ritchie and others at the ready to stick their tightly held pins in.

Nothing else really to say.
News Corpse is hopeless. All the carry on about Luia not attending the last week of pre season. It may have something to do with a certain shoulder injury he had, but that doesn't make a juicy story. Rupert's wankers...


Got my single day ticket to Magic Round today.
My old man is an Eels fan, and they're playing the same day as the Panthers, so we'll both be able to cheer our teams on.
Will be my first time at Suncorp too.
This year will be my third year (with some Parra fans as well). 3 day pass.

Fun fact for your Dad - Parra have never won a game at Magic round.