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Grand Final - Panthers vs Rabbitohs: Sunday 3rd October 7:30pm @Suncorp Stadium


You do realise the Storm lost Welch and Cheese in the first 20mins and that they only completed at around 55percent in the first half? That was the worst the Storm have played in a big game for years too.

We also have a fire in the belly look what we are playing for and how driven Souths have been. The Storm threw nothing at you in attack today too we will pose more questions than that.

Luai looked so wobbly on his feet today he shouldn’t have been allowed to return.

You just played in 28 degree weather in high humidity and didn’t have the week off. We were hoping for a bruising game and that’s what happened. TPJ and JFH are playing with busted knees, Kikau looks busted as did Cleary and Edwards. I think us being fresher from the week off puts us in great shape.

Bennett or Ivan I know who I have full faith in!

I feel we will defend well I know we can and if we do we have enough points in us.

I would be concerned re only scoring 10, 8 and 10 so far this finals series and most of those tries have come off kicks. Your inability the last month to score points would be of high concern to me.
I agree I v faith in sths ,as far as I'm concerned Cleary should be suspended for dangerous tackle it's starting to be a joke ,how his a protected species anyone else would be out for 2 weeks ,go South's ,


I agree I v faith in sths ,as far as I'm concerned Cleary should be suspended for dangerous tackle it's starting to be a joke ,how his a protected species anyone else would be out for 2 weeks ,go South's ,
Fully agree mate we can all see it yet the Panthers one eyed fans can’t. They get away with so much compared to other teams.


Anyone know the refs for this one?? I’m kinda anxious. God help us if it’s Atkins in the Bunker or on field
Fire up boys.

People get f**king buried with a red and green flag draped on their coffins.

It’s their last wish. Their last stand on this, Gods Earth.

Get out there and show the smug arrogance the might and the power that is the Rabbitohs.

You show these inbred flogs- that so far as you are concerned, joining the comp in 1967 makes them newcomers to the game.

They ain’t done nothing.

Do you want to live forever?

f**k Smug and f**k their Ivan, f**k everything they are and what they stand for (including Ivan for mounting the Wests Tigers when the prick left).

Don’t you die wondering…not on your watch.

Now out there and you set this whole f**king forum ablaze with your support.

Every thread, you get out there and beat up the smug forumers being dickheads.

Every club forum, you gotta own it.
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I’m going to post up the two teams celebrating winning their prelims

Your boys in a close bouncy scrum ( you all saw it) v Panthers in a large estranged circle.

Wayne wants this more than any previous title he’s ever won. You can sense it. It doesn’t need to be said.

Sometimes words can’t convey desire.
Yeah I’ve been really impressed with Tafe

I expect Nate to put up a lot of those freaky bombs that bounce anywhere if they land, so tafey….just has to catch them.

He saw him struggle a bit at times with that kind of play, it’s very chaotic where possession is super important.

On the other hand, It wouldn’t surprise me either if Renno is working to a similar plan against smug because other teams don’t do it.

I suppose the Panthers would train for it in d as well as attack.

Its exciting to watch but more risky in the controlled attack environment.

Im also thinking Renno is not as injured as we are led to believe and that’s part of Bennett’s gamesmanship. No stone has been left unturned in telling the world he’s injured, methinks he and Wayne protest too much!

Theres no doubt Wayne is going to save his best plan for the gf as well as some tweaks in preparation.

He’s made a couple of contradictions about the finals games already.

I still can’t understand the calibre of player that is Cameron Murray. He’s on 650 but he’s worth 850 easy. We were talking about him on the wt forum and for some of us, he’s our ideal player. He’d be about the first player we would buy if he was available.


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I have been dreaming of making this post for a long time. Seven years in fact. Well, now the day has finally arrived!!! Our team, our club, our boys, are finally back where they belong, playing on the biggest stage for a shot at glory. We take on the Panthers in the 2021 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final and what a momentous occasion it's going to be! It really doesn't get any bigger than this, it just doesn't. For the boys, this will be the biggest week of their lives and it feels the same for us fans. I know it certainly does for me anyway. It's important we just lap it all up as Grand Final's don't come around too often.

It's just so surreal to say "we're in the 2021 Grand Final." I know we were always in with a great shot but to actually be here is just an incredible feeling. The boys have worked seven years for this. Every bit of joy, heartache, every game, every moment, all the blood, sweat and tears of the last seven years; It's all lead to this week, this game, this moment. We have a genuine shot at winning our 22nd Premiership and completeing the fairytale. God, I hope we can.

Standing in our way is one hell of a team though, we all know that. There's not many greater challenges than playing Penrith in a Grand Final. They've been one of the best teams of the year and deserve their place in this decider alongside us. Stars all across the park, everywhere you look and the rub of the green going their way more often than not too. We're certainly right up against it to win this Grand Final. Standing in our way are guys like Cleary, To'o, Burton, Luai and one of the best forward packs in the comp with guys like Leota, Koroisau, JFH, Martin and Yeo. I think the key to this one is once again the forward battle. If we can match them there then it makes it so much easier to contain their backline and Cleary but that is easier said than done. However, we just have to do it and do it with everything we've got because it's all on the line here. I want to see us go after Cleary this time too. Hit him everytime he kicks or passes, let him know he's in for a tough night. We have to.

On another note, everyone knows my intense hatred for them. They are smug and cocky and there's no team I've hated more this year, not even the Roosters. This Grand Final is personal.

Penrith were here in this game this time last year and they went down. They know what a Grand Final is and what to expect. No doubt the heartbreak of that is driving them for this one and that can be dangerous for us. It's something we'll have to overcome. In saying that, they've hd to do it the hard way and I'm hoping playing three massive, physical games in a row will catch up with them. No doubt they'll be up for it but they do have some players that look a bit battered. Still, they're raring to go for this Grand Final.

But you know what? No team should be more raring to go for this Grand Final than us. The oldest, proudest, loudest club, the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs. The Premiership is right there for the taking, it's so close but there is a lot to do before then. As great as it is to make the Grand Final, the job is not done yet. You don't want to fall short again, you want the ultimate glory. We've had just about the best prep you could ask for leading into a big dance as our boys should be pretty well rested and feeling fresh so I'm hoping that gives us a slight advantage. Of course, that's not everything, we still have to go out there and give it absolutely everything we've got! For many, as I have said, this is the game of their lives. Complete your sets, be diciplined, defend, defend, defend and keep that attack flowing. We're going to have to be well and truely on our game if we want to win but I know we can do it!! Not many are picking us to do it but that's just the way we like it. I know we can!! We can do this!!!!

There's so much emotion around our club this week too. A club legend, Adam Reynolds' final game for the club he grew up supporting. One of the NRL greats, Benji Marshall will probably take the field for one last hurrah. The greatest coach of all time coaches his last game with Souths and potentially has his last shot at a Premiership and finally, two legends in Dane Gagai and Jaydn Su'A will also depart after this game. As I said, that's emotional. Raw emotion. The fairytale is certainly there. We need to bottle that, use it and do everything we can to send these guys out with a Premiership to complete that fairytale.

I am beyond fired up for this week but I'm also beyond nervous. Our boys need to hear us all right behind them whether you're in the stands or at home. Scream your lungs out!! We're on the edge of greatness, something very special could be brewing. What's it going to be? The boys will decide! Don't blink and they can defy the impossible. Let's soak this all up. We can do this!!!!!!


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Everything you need to know - 2021 NRL Grand Final: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2021/09/26/everything-you-need-to-know-2021-nrl-grand-final/

Grand Final week to light up Brisbane: https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2021/09/26/grand-final-week-to-light-up-brisbane/

Stars headline Grand Final entertainment while King Wally gets royal treatment: https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/09/26...inment-while-king-wally-gets-royal-treatment/

‘It’s about being loved by your coach’ - Bennett and Marshall set to cap league’s greatest bromance: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/it...ague-s-greatest-bromance-20210925-p58upb.html

Also from the Sydney Morning Herald,


Adam Reynolds’ groin was ‘‘ tender’ ’ yesterday morning, but he will be a definite starter in his South Sydney swansong in the grand final next Sunday.

It emerged only after Friday’s 36-16 win over Manly that Reynolds had injured his groin during the week, and was forced to let rookie teammate Blake Taaffe take on goal-kicking duties.

Coach Wayne Bennett conceded after the game they gambled on their halfback getting through the match unscathed.

‘‘ I think what he couldn’t do was kick. We didn’t know if he would get through the game either. We took the risk and we managed to pull it off,’’ Bennett said.

Reynolds felt tightness in his right groin towards the end of a training session on Tuesday, then underwent scans on Wednesday, which cleared him of a tear.

He was limited in what he could do during Thursday’s captain’s run, and realised goal-kicking would be an issue only after his first shot at goal during the warmup at Suncorp Stadium.

Souths physio Eddie Farah watched Reynolds’ every move before kick-off – and will spend hours preparing him for his emotional final week playing at his junior club.

Farah said there would be plenty of icing and stretching, with the plan to have the halfback complete light running on Tuesday before trying to get through the bulk of Thursday’s field session.

‘‘ He’s in no doubt for the grand final , and his groin today was no worse than it was before the game,’’ Farah said. ‘‘ He was a bit tender in the groin at recovery, which was to be expected. He won’t run for three days. We have a nine-day turnaround.

‘‘ His issue is muscle tightness. Had it been a tendon, it would have been different. But with muscles they will improve with each day.’’

Farah said goal-kicking required Reynolds to kick across his body, which caused a lot of pain, while with kicks in general play, ‘‘ your kicking leg is straighter and there is more pressure with your quad’’ .

Muscle tightness means Reynolds will not be able to receive any painkilling injections. There have been no recent issues with his right groin.

Reynolds spent yesterday with his family checking out his new house in Brisbane, where he will live once he joins the Broncos on a threeyear deal from next season.

The No.7 said after the game that he had little faith in his groin with kicking goals. ‘‘ I did a bit of work with Taaffe during the week and he was hitting them well so we had a lot of confidence in him taking the kicks,’’ Reynolds said.

Farah said there were no other injury concerns for the Rabbitohs, and admired Benji Marshall’s ability to take care of his body, even at the age of 36.

Souths enjoyed their recovery yesterday at Kurrawa Surf Club with little fanfare as they attempt to clinch their first title since 2014, and Bennett’s first since 2010.

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