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    In a previous life I use to be a signwriter and dabbled in some design work in the past. I'm currently drafting in the mining industry. We've had a bad run the last few years but I've been lucky enough to hold onto my job whereas alot haven't. So I've thought about what i can do to help bring in some dollars should the worst happen in the future.

    I'm currently working on a volunteer project and downloaded the free program inkscape and have designed our flyers and business cards and logo which I enjoyed doing so I thought about the possibility of doing some freelance work on the side of my job and if the worst happens, I could possibly bring in some cash should I be unemployed.

    I'm also looking after a website as well so even had the thought of web development.

    What courses are available to pick up the basics in graphic design and web development that can be done part time, are there any reccomendations. I'm not looking for a career in graphic design, merely something on the side to help bring in some extra cash.


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