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Great Weekend for the Roosters - 17-19 March 2023

5 Victories over Souffs

NRL - 20-18
Tarsha Gale Cup - 44 - 0
Harvey Norman NSW Women's Premiership - 24-14
Jersey Flegg - 30-20 (Jordan Swann 4 tries)
Knock on Effect NSW Cup - 38-16 (Allan Fitzgibbon 5 Tries)


Andrew Johns Cup Central Coast Roosters - 28 - 16 Semi Final Win over the Macarthur Wests Tigers to advance to the Grand Final where they will play Newcastle Maitland Knights

North Sydney Bears - 20-12 over New Zealand Warriors

Sydney Roosters Harold Matthews Cup - 36-16 over Central Coast Roosters
Sydney Roosters SG Ball - 66-4 over Melbourne Storm

Sydney Shield - Glebe Dirty Reds - 30-20 over Wentworthville United
Ron Massey Cup - Glebe Dirty Reds - 26-18 over Wentworthville Magpies

10$ Ferret

Staff member
that moron gould tried to claim the same thing with he bulldogs the week before (I think) but conveniently ignored their Ron Massey who got smashed

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