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Hannay 40/40

Stake Removed

First Grade
We remember Flanno and playing for the 70, with Hannay it's play for the 40.
Maybe he rips into them too hard at half time, or says nothing, since he has taken over.
First half points for 202 against 168.
2nd half points for 115 against 230.

We have not won a 2nd half for 9 games since the Titans win, in those 9 games since our points in 2nd half.
1, 6, 6, 0, 6, 14, 12, 0, 2.

Whatever is happening Hannay needs to change what he does at half time


That is an amazing observation, it’s felt like half time has stopped the momentum and there is the proof, its hard to ice a game if you only score points in the first half, I hope Fitz is good in the changeroom.

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