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He's gone

Life's Good



These 2 paragraphs from the SMH say it all.

“It is understood Dragons directors had become tired of the direction of the team this year, with McGregor failing to develop the cream of the club's young players.

At the same time, the more experienced, highly paid players failed to perform without fear of consequences.“

7 years to realise this? And these guys are Directors. They should be charged by ASIC for dereliction of duties.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
So it looks like the Sack McGregor thread will not hit 1000.......Happy days.

Imagine if Saints go on a roll and win the remaining games and make the 8? How good would that be and show just how bad he really was.

The article states that the board got sick of his soft stance on senior players especially after picking Norman this week. Wasn't there a 4 man committee that picked the squad? Imagine that, Flanno and Young get in his ear and tell him to go with Norman, he picks Norman, then Flanno and Young are sitting behind him when he announces the team pi$$ing themselves knowing that would be the final straw and lead to his sacking. If so, well played boys, well played.
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No I don't buy into any celebration at all. I don't have any ill feeling to a former Dragon player that was good enough to wear the mighty Red V at every level of the game. He gave it his best shot. I cannot fault his commitment to the club. He was offered a new contract by the board. He accepted the offer from the board. Throw the shit where it's deserved.

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