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Hilarious Promo’s over the years…


I randomly came across this video on YouTube and It seriously has me in stitches… 😂😂

and I actually loved UW too… sure I was like 7yrs old but still… 😂😂

I had to share it but couldn’t find a thread so I created one…

feel free to add any crackers over the years…


Hilarious promos come in 2 varieties.

If you are looking for genuine comedy whether it be scripted or ad lib then look at the original DX who had some hilarious stuff.

For drug induced comedy then yes warrior and Hawk are good starting points. Kerry Von Erich in his WCCW days had some crackers as did Scott Steiner in 99/00
Are we talking pure comedy or unintentional comedy.
The former: sexy Kurt, angle refusing to compete if the crowd don’t stop chanting you suck, jeri-KO challenge the New Day, The Rock roasts Billy Gunn & Rock Show in Sacramento

the latter: Steiner math, the genesis of mcgillicutty, shockmaster & did has half the brain that you do

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