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Hilder re-signs with Knights

Johns Magic

More good news.

Somewhat surprised about Wes and thought he may be surplus to requirements. Even more surprised when he could have walked into a starting spot elsewhere in the NRL or overseas(depending on being able to get a visa I suppose) when it looks like our top backline is pretty settled without him.

Is Pete Mata'utia signed up for next year?


Despite starting off as a shitty week it's certainly improved.

We should knock off the bye this week too.


You get the impression that the Boyd signing was the piece of the puzzle that was needed to get the rest of the signings moving.

Perth Knights

Fantastic news regarding the re-signing of Matty Hilder. No fuss player who epitomises the Knighst spirit!!

Not sure about the re-signing of Wes, although he will be good backup as fullback, winger or centre. I would assume Wes's re-signing will mean that his brother Kevin might stay around a little longer too.


i'm glad to see Hilder is staying, he's the kind of value bloke you really want in every roster. will always bust his arse off in defence and do clean up after lazier forwards. i said a year or so ago that i would love to see him as a Knight for the rest of his career (pending a stint in the ESL, naturally), and i still feel that way. i personally couldn't see Bennett moving him on, he plays with pride and will fit into any plan, be it as a utility, backrower or makeshift hooker. a quality Mr Fix-It.


First Grade
Fantastic news, easily one of my favourite players in the team :D

Knights warhorse Hilder re-signs
Written by: Newcastle Knights media
Jun 10, 2011 1:41pm

The Coal & Allied Newcastle Knights today have confirmed the resigning of Matt Hilder until the end of the 2013 season.
The Newcastle Knights popular utility forward was named Players Player and Player of the year in 2010 and has been one of the Club's most consistent performers since he was signed in 2008, having played 23 games last year alone.
Recruitment Manager, Keith Onslow felt the resigning was a positive for the Club on and off the field. "Matt is the type of player every Club needs and everyone wants to play alongside," said Onslow. "He is resilient, often makes over 50 tackles, is popular with his team mates and is a great contributor to the Club on and off the field," he concluded.
After the resigning of many of the current squad, this announcement adds to the exciting and bright future for the Newcastle Knights Club.

red and blue

So who do you guys think we will sign as hooker Bedsy or Fein or both. Do we really need both with Hilder now resigned? Or maybe it wont be either and Gidley and Hilder may take on the role of hooker and we may be gunna sign a half 5/8. Is there any on the market?