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How Much Attention Do You Give Player Stats ?

Eric F

I obsess over Avg gain, Tackles to Missed Tackles, and Handling Errors. If those are all good everything will just fall into place.
More interested in career stats than those in-game, although the basic ones such as hit-ups, tackles are usually of interest.

Saw vb “hard earned index” stat once n thought wtf is that… just looked like something to manufactured to involve a sponsor with.

American sports obsess over player stats and league may be heading the same way.


The stats need to be looked at in context. By themselves they can be horribly misleading. If you’re a winger and you’ve got 250m gain, but the guy inside you is putting you in space all the time. Meh. If you are making those metres in the centre of the field. Yep that’s impressive.

those metres gained stats need to be contextualised with, metres after contact, tackle busts and tackles made to miss.

etc etc etc. For all of the stats.

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