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    my name is nathan hutcheson, i am 20 years old and have been a member of LWOS when everyone moved over from WORL, although i prefer to read the forums and dont actually post too much. i live in wentworthville, near parramatta and im have played for wenty for the last 5 years. i went to the best (actually, best in the 90's, shit now) rugby league school in australia, parramatta marist and was in the team of 99 (was actually on the bench thanks to a bloke named jamie lyon) which went through the mcs comp undefeated, and also the aussie home loans cup undefeated, but we had a 10 all draw in the semis (we got absolutely rorted, still not over it). the home loans cup was won by terra sancta, a team we annihilated 3 times that year including a 30 point flogging in the mcs grand final, but anyway, moving on. i also follow the wests tigers (balmain) thanks to my dads side of the family, where every single person is a tigers family. i have a soft spot for souths because everyone on my mums side of the family follows them, and her father played for souths.

    these days, i am in my 3rd and final year of a bachelor of communications (media) degree and cant wait to get out of the hole known as UWS nepean. i want to travel europe and live in england for 6 months and hopefully play some footy over there.

    i enjoy surfing, skiing, boxing but my passion is rugby league. it is the best sport on earth, and ill argue till the day i die. i hate rugby union purely because it is a direct competitor with league. it is an inferior sport, with lesser abled athletes playing. and i hate the whole rich boy thingy. rugby league is much more popualr in aus, and i just hate seeing the media beat up union, and there administrators talking up their sport. i better stop before i get too passionate about it.

    my other hobbies include going out on the drink with the boys, [​IMG], going to the footy, going to the gym, beach, whatever, i dont really care as long as its fun.

    my wish for the future is for rugby league to continue to grow in this country, with teams in each state and territory (i dont really care about tassy tho, hehe), and for the international scence to expand. i wish for world cups to be the dream of every player, not an added bonus. a 22 round comp and the aussies playing at least 6 tests in front of sellout crowds around the world. i wish for league to take off in usa, russia and europe. i wish for the european super league to include teams from the south of england, france, wales, scotland, ireland and russia. and for there to be a european 6 nations championship played in front of packed houses in their respective countries.

    am i asking for too much?? who cares, its a good dream. sorry to bore you all, writing this unbored me for awhile.
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    Hahahaha you've been waiting a while Hutchie!! :joy::joy::joy: or is it Fred??
    17 years later and nothing has changed to the sport!
    Love that you want crowd numbers for the PNG comp now! Haha
    Hutchie you're one of my favourite "Expansionists" because you're passionate but you continue to lose an un winnable battle!
    It's blokes like you that make the wider sporting community just laugh at Rugby League. So keep at it hutch maybe in another 17 years RL might be played seriously in 4 countries :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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