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I need advice.


Staff member
GW here,
Let's face it, you aren't religious so you probably don't even care about her that much.
It's not creepy. She will like it, you can always play it down and say your wife bought too many and you thought she would appreciate it. It's a good deed. If she doesn't like it (I really can't see this to be the case) then screw her, more fool her.

I would hundred percent suggest you do it. Te alternative is a very lonely and sad Christmas for her, I would do it as a Christian.

Let's face it, you aren't intelligent so you probably don't think about anything that much.


A Christian wouldn't think twice. Once the thought pops into the head it's a done deal.

Definitely right thing to do OP


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That is the point...

I really do not want to go there at all.

Just wanted to be nice to another human...and as I thought..it would be creepy.

It can be hard to nice, people always think the worst.

give her the ham but do not offer her more. The lady has lost her husband and may easily not read your intentions

phantom eel

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Invite to join your family for a festive meal > paying for her ham to eat alone at home.

Doesn't have to be on the Chrstmas day itself - day before/day after etc.

Good kind thought either way, but I reckon just offering to buy a ham might come across as sleezy/financial - which doesn't seem to be the intention.

Mr Angry

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Oh year forgot about this, I did invite her, she politely declined.

I still talk to her most mornings, she is ok.