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"I never wanted to join the Dragons" - Moses Suli

Dogs Of War

A bit of both, I think.
The big thing that I find different now compared to when I was growing up is that these days, the players chase the $$ or premierships and play for the Knights, the Dragons, the Storm, ect. Gone are the days players played their heart out for Newcastle, for Parramatta, for South Sydney, ect. For the regions from which they represent. They no longer play for a club. They play AT a club until they don't want to anymore or they get a better offer elsewhere.
Clubs have also joined in that tune too. A handshake, a contract, USED to be the player and club's word to eachother. Now those mean nothing.
Unfortunately, the younger generation/s these days are 'entitled' generation/s. "What have you done for me today?"

And it's all sad to see.

End of the day, if you don't play hard you see your worth go down or be replaced by someone who is hungrier. I'm sure that part of the equation needs to be drilled into some of these guys.

Pierced Soul

First Grade
Who else does this manager have on his books at Manly.
This is the problem when player agents are running the clubs. Brisbane had this issue for years of mediocre recruitment and retention and it turned out most of the playing squad had the same manager, which also explained some of the really strange signings

How many players actually end up with the team they want to play with?

I'm sure there's plenty who end up with whoever will offer them a contract. The trick is to put in the effort and make the best of it and not tell anyone you don't want to be there... Stupid Suli has put a bigger target on his head then Sua'ali'i
Who else does this manager have on his books at Manly.

Is it the majority of the rainbow 7 from last year.
Schuster, Saab, Olakau’atu, Chan Kum Tong, the Fainu crew plus a raft of junior players. Manly are trying to curb the managers control over their junior development & retention since punting the former regime.


this guy is a plodder. Would struggle on the limit in a bm50 at Kingscote. He’s actually a star in this team though so don’t know why he is complaining.


I'm surprised that people find this shocking and are upset by it. I'd say very few players are genuinely excited about the prospect of playing for a not so good team. Star players usually sign because big contracts are offered and in the case of players like Moses Suli the bog average clubs are the only options for them.

If you were a professional footy player would you want to play for the Dragons, Tigers, Titans, Knights, Raiders etc and just get pumped most weekends? Course not. That's why they overpay or have to offer something else (Potential, great coach, lifestyle etc) to attract players.