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In what direction is the universe expanding?


I was going to ask @Everlovin' Antichrist or anyone else who is astronomical.

So Hubble said the whole show is expanding and the expansion is speeding up.

I was trying to work out where they said it started relative to our Sun?

Also, is the acceleration a constant or do different chunks of the universe go faster?

Also, If we accept the Big Bang, how could something come from nothing? Surely there was something at the start of the mess?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me that a couple of atoms or whatever just materialises from the void.

I know stranger things have happened like the signing of Packer for $850k, and I’m not putting up anything creationist, but I’m a tad uncomfortable with this explanation.

Any insights appreciated.

The expansion of the Universe occurred everywhere at the moment of expansion, which includes about 13.8 billion years ago. The expansion of the Universe is not accelerated, and different parts of the Universe move at their own speed. This is due to various factors like gravitational interaction and dark matter. Because of the emergence of matter from nothing in fact, this is one of the most difficult and unexplored questions in a multitude of sciences. The current assumption in the scientific community is that mass and energy began to expand and cool, which encompassed many particles at the beginning of mass propagation.
I still can’t understand how the whole show apparently emerges out of nothing.

Its a tad baffling and to me at least, unsatisfactory.

I’ve still got @Generalzod galaxy thing on the iPhone. I’d be interested in a Saturn if you have one handy?
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