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Opinion Is Ricky Stuart the most overrated coach ever?

Fufu Andronez

First Grade
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I'd agree this wouldn't have been a good look a few years ago but the NRL is f**kin' clown shoes these days and really can't be brought into disrepute when it pretty much lives there permanently.

Might as well go full XFL 2001 at this point.


Stuart has a roster that should be pushing Top 4 and that loss last night put him 10-10 and how the 8 is now needs to hope one of the sides lose a few and Raiders win every game... just cracked because good chance Raiders season is over and Penrith were without both halves.


Raiders got a nice run home. Stick could take these boys to the promised land yet.

Still hard even if Raiders win 4/4, they need Roosters to go 2/4 or either Broncos or Rabbits to go 1/4.. or the highly unlikely result of Storm or Eels going 0/4.

But lets look at the possible outcomes if Raiders can win 4/4 against Dragons, Knights, Manly and Tigers.

Roosters run home
Cowboys (H)
Tigers (H)
Storm (A)
Rabbits (H)

Hard run, could easily drop 2 games, most likely team to drop outside 8 if anyone.

Broncos run home
Knights (H)
Storm (H)
Eels (H)
Dragons (A)

You would think Broncos could win 2 of these and secure a finals birth even if Raiders win 4/4 but funnier things have happened.

Rabbits run home
Eels (A)
Panthers (H)
Cowboys (H)
Roosters (A)

Extremely hard run home, hard to see the form side of the comp going 1/4 though, I personally think they'll go 4/4 and make the Top 4.