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Isaah Yeo and Nathan Cleary named co-captains for 2021


First Grade
Yeo seems way too nice to be an effective captain when dealing with referees.

Forward leader for sure.

We'll need Cleary to do the Cameron Smith style referee coaching.


Mine wasn't a slight on him or other halves but you look across the league and who has a 7 that is the best attacking threat?

Even GC are different side when Brimson plays. The new rules should help 7's dominate more

Of course mate never thought you were having a go at him or anything just genuinely wanted to know your opinion :thumbsup:

I think you are definitely right that 7’s should be able to control and dominate in the future as the rules continue to change.


Ivan is smarter than I thought.
I don't think he pushed it, it would have been others from the board, Ivan would have nathan concentrating on his role, captain tag = media talks and coin flips and other extra duties, Yeo is perfectly suited for it, he is terribly funny, and a full larekin, plus no BS... seriously he should be on farmer needs a wife...
He is awesome, nathan on the other hand is a playboy, but pretends to be a "the honest wholesome kid next door" but he is a suckup to the media, just says the right things, Yeo would drop an F bomb by accident and carry on