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Jake Clifford - 2022 Dally M Winner?


I'll preface by saying.. It's not unusual for us to have a player be leading the tally early in the season, It's happened often actually over the last few years.

Anyhow.. 2 games into the 2022 season and Jake Clifford is equal leader with Isaah Yeo, on 6 points. He has the chance to jump Yeo this weekend too!

Don't think you can bet on the Dally M any more but I'd love to know what Clifford's odds would be!

Just thought Clifford deserved his own thread too. He hasn't been perfect but he's provided us a lot of great efforts and 80% of the time he's doing some really good stuff for us! Very happy he's our dominant half and will be for his prime years ahead (no this isn't a shot at our previous 7 - well and truly moved on).
He's been a quality buy for us. Very astute signing

I also love that it's another Cowboy we snaffled away from them thats thriving under our club banner

Sir Galahad

seems under-rated by a few commentators, has the junior pedigree to suggest he could have a great future.

Love the boot on him, I think in the coming years we'll have 1 of the better halves with one of the best kicking games in the comp.


I'm really glad we have him, but I'm puzzled by the way people chat about him like he's a 19 year old just hitting first grade. He's 24 - about to enter his peak years. Now is the time for him - and yes I'm glad he's in our colours at the right time.

Knight Tales

He’s made a fool out of NQ. The club surely
Extends him sooner rather than later. His price is going up and fast.

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