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The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING


Montenegro (in red)

The Great Dane

First Grade
Lol mate there was literally a vote from raiders fans, on best jerseys ever. The only away that made it was the white *94ish* jersey.
Uh huh, and how many people voted based on the merits of the designs themselves?

Absolutely no one is the answer. . .
It's clearly your only decent away jersey. Everything else has sucked/failed to hang around. It's not opinion it's literal facts.
Plus you go off like a f**ken mental idiot
And this is why I have zero respect for morons like you.

It's impossible for it to be a 'literal fact' as it's subjective. In other words there are no right answers, only opinions.

What is a fact though is that a vocal minority of small minded dickheads like you, whom have created a nonsense orthodoxy of what is "right" and "wrong" in jersey design, and branding in general, limit creativity and innovation and that not only has negative effects on clubs and the sport as a whole, but hurts the whole culture of the sport.

People like you are the design equivalent of luddites and should be treated as such.


what happpened to the pirates?

i let the west coast name grow on me. western is shit.
Agreed, "Western" is what you call a cowboy movie, west coast bears, west coast reds, west coast pirates, sounds 1000 times better