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Johnson or moylan...

Gary Gutful

thinking we need an experienced half to partner nicho hynes next year. who do you think would be a better suitor of the two?

personally i think nicho is a strait swap for moylan, albeit hynes possessing an upgrade with speed and youth, but see a similar attacking game with the two.

for me johnson has a stronger control on the game at halfback and a far superior kicking game. both tend to go missing at times but i think he'd get the nod over moylan as a better conductor.

both old with niggly injuries, if trindall sticks around im sure he'll still get plenty of gametime next year. even tracey or metcalf could step up with injuries.

just with hynes untested kicking game, i think johnson would get the tick from me. decent goal kicker too id be throwing a 500k one year deal with an option for the club for a second year. moylans well passed it for me.


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"we"..? Wehave you been?
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500k for a halfback who runs once in 80 mins...?
SJ better than Moyza...?

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