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Junior Participation Numbers Up


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Increased Junior Participation Numbers A Sign Of The Games Strength
Brad Walter
Sydney Morning Herald

15/06/2011 8:45:12 AM

A SELL-OUT crowd for tonight's Origin match is just one indication of the increased support for the game in Sydney this season.

A review of junior numbers has revealed that there are 7690 new players registered in the greater Sydney area this season.

Of those, 4590 are in western Sydney, where the AFL is trying to muscle in through the establishment of the GWS Giants franchise.

''These are actually players who will turn out for a team every weekend for a club, not kids who turn up for one Auskick session,'' one NSWRL official told the Herald.

NSWRL coaching and development manager Martin Meredith said the numbers represented a big increase on the 40,000 juniors who played last season.

''There is a new groundswell of support for the Blues this year. You can feel it out there,'' Meredith said.

''I think there is just a good feel about the whole game at the moment. We have a great product, the new 'tough love' policies we have introduced are working, the games on TV are good and the NRL clubs are doing a great job in helping to develop the game at grassroots level.''

NSWRL Western Academy development officer Tim Auremi, whose promising career was cut short by injury, is among the 82,000-plus who have bought tickets for the match and said he did so before full-time in Origin I.
''It was just after Michael Jennings scored [in the 69th minute] and I thought we're a chance of winning this year,'' Auremi said.
''Origin just seems bigger this year.''

Much of the credit for that has been given to new NSW coach Ricky Stuart, who was also in charge of the Blues the last time there was a sell-out crowd at ANZ Stadium, in 2005.

NSW won the series that year but Queensland have dominated since.
''I don't know what it is but people seem to be behind the team more than in previous years,'' NSW hooker Michael Ennis said.

''The players feel it, too. I can't pinpoint it but it is certainly a good feeling. When you are walking around the streets at Coogee, people have been yelling out of cars and at training they are singing out, so it is a good vibe.''

Stuart said: ''I think the fans have given us a message - the stadium was sold out six, seven days ago. They're showing our players there's support there, and I think the players showed our fans in game one that they've got a side there. They're passionate and they know they've got a passionate team.''

The match will be Queensland and Australian captain Darren Lockyer's last representative appearance in Sydney - and possibly his last game unless the Broncos play here in the finals - but ARL officials said there would be no official acknowledgement of his great career
NSW captain Paul Gallen, whose club side also ignored Lockyer's last premiership appearance in Sydney at Cronulla two weeks ago, urged Blues fans to give the Maroons a hard time.

''I know when we're up there it's not real nice and comfortable for us,'' Gallen said.

''[We need] to get a bit of Origin mentality, a bit of us-versus-them mentality and not show them too much support, [which] would be nice.''


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Should be plastered all over any thread, comment or article that even attempts to suggest that the AFL is "taking over" in Sydney, especially Western Sydney. That's a staggering increase at the junior level. Well done to all those involved.


There needs to be a great distribution of players (and talent) throughout all the districts as teams like Cabra, Wenty, St Mary's, St Clair etc are stockpiling all the talent which is creating an uneven playing field with a few juggernaut clubs (with leagues club backing) and the smaller clubs who struggle to keepe their he


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this is great news for the great game

Brick Tamland


Boys = 3774
Girls = 1764

Cronulla Junior League Registrations Reach 5500 Milestone​

Despite only five rounds of the 2023 season played to date, Cronulla Junior Rugby League (CJRL) have already broken the 5500 barrier for player registrations.

This incredible figure well and truly confirms CJRL as one of the major Rugby League districts affiliated with NSWRL, reaching this record number of registrations after only a few years ago facing major challenges.

Female participation continues to grow exponentially, placing CJRL as a leading district in NSWRL for female participation in both the tackle and leaguetag formats of the game.

CJRL Chairman Nathan Waugh has applauded the news of this recordbreaking figure. “It gives me great pleasure to celebrate this incredible achievement with all our affiliated clubs and the volunteers who have made this happen.

It wasn’t too long ago that we faced some real challenges as far as participation goes, but I can only praise the work of the CJRL board and clubs in recent years which has driven an amazing resurgence despite the disruptions of recent seasons, and acknowledge our partners whose support has enabled us to thrive.”

“We continue to work to recognise new opportunities and develop initiatives that better cater to our participants, to engage with Rugby League followers in the Shire, and to promote CJRL competitions as up there with the best in any NSWRL metropolitan district.

Already the board has tabled several new potential projects with the clubs with a view to 2024, so we may see this growth continue.” Waugh added. 2023 CJRL registrations currently sit at 5538, up from a figure of 5338 in 2022 (increase of 10.46%).

Male registrations to date for 2023 stand at 3774 (up 0.8% on 2022) and female registrations are currently 1764 (up 10.45% on 2022). New player registrations remain open until June 30.



The increase is 3%. Still great but somebody can’t do maths
And you get the predictable clowns wanting to relocate the club.That'll do wonders for the juniors LOL.Especially as rugby league is such tribal code.

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