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Kevvy: Keep emphasising the importance of teamwork in defence.

QLD defence has been the foundation of our eventual victory. Please continue to train our guys as you have. Our defence will win us this series.


If QLD wins the series it will be big for Kevin Walters in the sense because his baggers can no longer cling to the "it's Cameron Smith who coaches the team" argument. It was reported Walters stocks rose after QLD's win in 2017. Walters turned down the Titans job with the belief that he was next choice for the Broncos job after Wayne Bennett. Walters missed out to Anthony Seibold and after QLD's loss last year and has now been viewed as damaged goods.

Its been reported that Walters has toned down the preparations this year. The trips to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have been punted and the team prepares in Brisbane and he has changed his assistant coaches. The coach whisperer story has largely drowned this out in the media though.