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Knights 3 2 1s


This team just keeps putting in and getting the results and I couldn't be prouder.

Another poor start which we have to fix but we were all over them from the 30 minute mark onwards despite losing 2 members of the back line.

Amazingly we have a genuine chance at top 4 now and next week is a huge game against Parra.

3 Teddy
2 Joey

Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
3. Teddy
2. Manu
1. Sitilli

Great effort from the boys apart from the early hiccups. Put their heads down to overcome adversity and the dodgy calls from Sutton who incidentally is at cheat. Our latest injuries have me worried as our reserves stocks must be close to dry. I’m expecting Keighran to maybe come back which will give us a badly needed goal kicker (although defence a concern) as well as a hopefully reinvigorated B Moz. SST will be a big inclusion if fit.

I think we’re cannon fodder come finals time but there’s always the possibility of doing a Bradbury if other clubs are dealt the same luck with injuries as us.

Happy rugby league.
3. Teddy
2. Joey
1. Sitili

Special mentions go to Isaac Liu, JWH (he is nicely building up to his 250th next week, I am sure) and Rads, who seems to be getting back towards his best.

It is funny, in that we tend to be known for our fast starts but, over the last couple of weeks in particular, we seem to be starting slowly, and then settling down, correcting our errors and turning things around, which of course is great.

Like you guys, I am impressed with and very proud of our team. Given our predicament this season, our position on the table at the moment is nothing short of incredible and inspiring. I am proud to be a Rooster, but the show goes on, and we need to keep improving and building. Losing two more players is hard, for sure, but getting SST and Morris back will be timely. I just hope that there will be a spot for Keighran - we so desperately need a goal kicker. His value in that area would surely outweigh any perceived or actual shortcomings with his defence.

I cannot wait for this Thursday, to have a chance of upsetting the Eels and getting even closer to that coveted fourth position. Let's go Easts!

Captain Apollo

First Grade
Billy Smith gone for the season -

Scans have confirmed that Billy Smith sustained a lis franc injury to the foot during the match. Smith will return to Sydney to undergo surgery with rehabilitation expected to take approximately five months.

Ikuvalu to have ankle op, but stays with the squad -

Scans have confirmed that Matt Ikuvalu sustained a syndesmosis injury that will require surgery. Ikuvalu will undergo surgery in Brisbane and remain in the Club's bubble on the Sunshine Coast.

Source: https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2021/07/27/recovery-update-round-19/
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Headless Chook

3. Teddy
2. Manu
1. JWH

Somehow we just keep turning up. Honestly, with what has been thrown at us it’s remarkable that we are well intrenched in the eight. Super proud.

In a way the pressure valve has been released where most pundits have written us off. If we can win the games we should win and jag one or two against Parra, Penrith and Souths then the top 4 is not out of question.


3 - Ted
2 - Manui
1 - Sitili

A lot of other really good performances too. Jeez I'm gutted for Billy...been watching him for a number of years now and is just an out and out first grader and a very good one at that. Just needs some luck and I heard Robbo say today that they'll be looking more into some of his issues which is a wise move. Head up kid.