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KOE (ex Canterbury Cup) and Jersey Flegg


I turned the tv off after South's scored their second try. As soon as I saw the stupid compressed defensive line with the opposition winger left unmarked I gave up. Whoever designed this defensive method for the Dragons should have been sacked years ago. It just doesn't work! Most clubs know that their winger will be unmarked - a cut out pass or 2 and their winger is in the clear. So frustrating to watch.


Half time Souths 26-12 in KOE cup. 5 tries to 2. Burns with a double. Fifita and Tuitavake came on around the 20th minute mark and looked good. Moga is not a centre. Not much attacking structure in this Dragons team (heard that elsewhere??) and rabbits are scoring some pretty easy tries. I think we're in for a long afternoon.


Agree re Herring, definitely has the potential. However, I am pretty sure that he is only on a part time contract, same as Stewart. Others could probably clarify, but I reckon part timers don’t train at all with the full time squad like the Train & Trialists do. That would mean Herring & Stewart (& other part timers named in the team) would only be doing the 1 session a week with the KOE Cup team ie captains run. Which if right is definitely not enough for that level.

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