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Ladder 2024 Dragons


Currently have the worst squad in the comp by a country mile (and a captain that is anything but a captain). I guess the ‘experts’ need to pick someone.

Personally I think the coach will have enough impact to lift us off the bottom and will get a little bit more from the playing group than others could. Probably a finish 12th - 15th.


With 17 teams in the competition and talk of PNG making it 18 at some stage, top class talent is being spread very thin. As always, top players (and their agents) will gravitate towards the more successful clubs and coaches. Flanno is a step up from our recent coaches but expecting him to come up with a swag of marquee players in the next year or so is a big ask. I would be happy with a bottom of the top eight finish next year.

Rocket Rod

Who cares these idiots always get their long term predictions wrong
Weren’t the Rorters supposed to win this year, they scraped into the 8
Warriors were no chance! Top 4
Broncos were going to be bottom of 8 at best
They have no idea just watch 360 makes you cringe the crap that comes out of these journos mouths


First Grade
As it stands now, Flanno would need to be a miracle worker for us to avoid the spoon.
I called us for Bottom 2 before a ball was kicked last season (which turned out accurate).. many fans had us Top8.. I think its some sort of red and white glasses or something with this roster.. as we aren't attracting players and we aren't developing them.. then we sat on our hands with Hook for 12-18mths too long.. as if the situation wasn't dire enough.

This isn't like the old days where half the comp was awful.. every single side is improving.. all the sh*tkickers like the Titans, Dogs, Knights, Dolphins, Sharks, Warriors.. these guys r putting together banging rosters.. there is noone we are guaranteed to beat next year... it's a long way back.. if we could jag something like 12th spot.. I reckon that would be a sensational effort for Shanes first year.

Coffs dragon

There’ll be improvement under Flanno, so I’m predicting 3rd last (15th) in 2024.
We are still left with a bellow ordinary forward pack, no speed & whinging Captain that doesn’t want to be at the club.
It will take a miracle & some astute recruitment to drag us from the cellar region next year.


Obviously a lot of things can happen over the course of a season, but if you had to step back and take an impartial view it's hard to see how you'd pick anyone other than us or the Tigers for the spoon. With a very weak roster and a captain who doesn't even want to play for us, not hard to see why we'll start favourites.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
This prediction of wooden spoon is all Hunt's doing. If Saints did not have their disgruntled capt creating all this off season disharmony, Saints would be predicted to finish mid table 12th - 10th imo. Saints showed in the back end of the season that they can compete against the top sides whilst the Dogs and Tigers were getting smashed. Dogs coach is the same and Tigers more or less where as Saints has now a premiership winner.

Personally I think Saints will finish 12th to 9th. They may just miss out on finals but will give it a fair crack with this current squad. If they do however somehow end up with 3-4 new players that improve the forwards and outside backs then I think Saints may even sneak into the 8. I think mentally Saints were struggling the last couple of years more that in ability. They have a pretty decent squad of local juniors coming through and they could make the big difference in the end.

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