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Latrell is not a fullback

Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
Pretty shitty debating tactic calling somebody a kid but if u can't win an argument well..
In the real world there's such a thing as stereotypes which are 100% racist & harmful and can be applied in a very offhand, but supercilious manner. Kinda like the whole tone of ur post.
Lazy is a very rare putdown for a pro sportsperson. Dave Taylor has been brought up, but he's a fairly obscure name & I never heard that anyway. If you want me list indigenous players who got labelled that I'll go to the very best; Beetson, GI, the Ella's.
Lots of literature about this topic out there, some of which of I've posted, but if you just want to be smug, condensing & think u know better than more learned ppl go ahead. Very extreme twitter like mind set you have..
Two things only from me.
1. A shitty debating tactic is labelling someone a racist for the use of one word. It’s shitty tactic where its only purpose is to shut down debate.
2. You must be a kid and therefore new to the game if you think a player with a 200+ game career is obscure. So there’s no point arguing with a kid because like Oscar Wilde once said, I’m not young enough to know everything.


Staff member
In fairness I don't commit what you say to memory. Calling somebody with Taylor's body type that is stupid, but then labelling players lazy from comfort of ur sofa is stupid altogether. When directed at player of certain background it takes on sinister nature
Everything is sinister in nature if you want it to be.


Someone with their knickers in a knot has misinterpreted lazy on the football field as lazy because he is aboriginal.

Mr Pippen is looking for racism - maybe get a mirror.



Kids like Pippen who've grown up in a Twitter political landscape of extreme left vs extreme right lack any understanding of the real world, unfortunately. They also don't care about actual issues, because their entire energy is consumed by bullshit. My little sister is in that group too.

The "left" see racism, phobias and bigotry behind every word and every post, and the "right" see socialism, "political correctness" and "woke agenda" between every line.

In reality no one but absolutely insane people operates either way. I grew up rebelling against an insane military right wing dad, so to see knuckleheads calling folks racist for calling a dude lazy or uninterested when actual bigots exist is a bit sad if I'm honest.



That might be the case but that doesn't mean you're right.

I stand by what I said. Swap Latrell and Edwards, Penrith get stronger and souths get weaker.
Disagree. A big part of the Smug's game comes from Edwards' energy from the back. Smug don't need Mitchell's highlight reel to score points.


Disagree. A big part of the Smug's game comes from Edwards' energy from the back. Smug don't need Mitchell's highlight reel to score points.

Hmmm there is an argument to say Latrell wouldn't make that team better.

You want to argue that Edwards wouldn't make souths worse though?

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