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Lodge to the roosters for a packet of chips


I think be belted a bloke who tried to subdue him, also had a DV matter years ago with no conviction recorded. Has anger management issues, no risk.

Babyface O'reilly

First Grade
There's no loop hole in the paper bags he'll be getting now
So proven, savvy club now need paper bags to lure a clubless player desperate to play anywhere other than NZ. I think an intervention is in order to discuss your bait form this year, Mugs. There’s younger kids coming through who are hungrier and not as lazy. Still, you’ve had a good career I guess.


There's no loop hole in the paper bags he'll be getting now
That is fanciful stuff. Conspiracy.

I think Matt will find regular, calming games of golf with the boss very therapeutic to his insane rages. And there are f**king pockets everywhere on those golf bags ;)

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