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LWOS awards night has arrived!

The red carpet is down, as the celebrity folk from LWOS slowly make there way down through the throng of media assembled to report on the night of nights, the LWOS awards.

Good evening, im Jon Stamos, and im your compare for tonight :DAs well as seeing highlights of me in Full House, you shall be entertained by an all-star musical lineup. Leading theperformances areJon Bon Jovi, Tool, Billy Joel, Elvis and Pearl Jam.

Now its been an interesting year on the LWOS boards. Scandals, bitching, backstabbing, crybabies and whingers, we have had it all. Everything from the bizarre to the brilliant. Tonight we are assembled here to congratulate those who have achived, and lament over the less than successful contributions to LWOS over the past year. The year started off in January (as most do), with much hope for the new season. The return of Souths meant a lot for the game.

But as the year progressed, the LWOS board and its membership base warmed up. Cross board flame wars became the norm. The bluebags forums team was represented in the initial forum 7s, and finished a credible 4th after much argument! Throughout the year, we had many a squabble, many an intruder and many a top poster who just wanted to say their piece. The chat room remained busy throughout the year and had many visitors as well as highlights.

But enough of the waffle, its time to hand out the awards! Now before i begin, could Rgggggggg in row 6 please stop throwing popcorn, Willow the preaching about the saints at the entrance and El Duque, quit it with the metal shirts please, this is a formal occasion!

Post of the year: Would have to be the Footy Quiz post. 2,400 and still going strong. Special mentions to the ali is the greatest thread and the WTC thread, that continued on strong with great contributions throughout 2003. Go ahead, ask us anything thread was brillian and informative as well

Poster of the year: Tough call, there can only be one. For his contributions to research in the field of American tours, it goes to Roopy

International Poster of the year: Canadian Steve. Well versed in many aspects of international sport and other areas, added some great variety to the forums

Forgettable Poster of the year: Multi way tie: Yum Yum, Johnny Rico, Bob Carr, Abercrombie Lane, George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr, The Eye clan

Come back if your reading post: Goes to anyone who has left. Most notably, it would be good to see Cryptic Messenger, Atillia, JustMeand Warlock gracing our screens a bit more.

Debut Poster of the year: Everlovin Antichrist and Little Bunny

Come back of the year: Rasputin during the later part of the year for some great informative posts. Second going to Bronco

Whinger of the year: Goes to Pepe, for whinging about refs, the storm, his $5 cyber gamble, unfair manager elections, the price of bread and just about everything else. Even his AFL side got a run!

Argument of the year: Hard to go past El Duque v Warlock.

Scandal of the year: Undoubtedly the continuation of the WORL/LWOS differences in opinion. Throughout the year, mod forums were hacked, posters were deleted and complete forums were deleted. And this was only the start of the diffrences between the groups

Most passionate fan: Tie between Legend, Rg, Ozbash and Willow

Dummyspit of the year: 2 many candidates, ill leave this one for others to fill out

Alternative posters award: Gorilla and CyberKev, who always put a unique yet brilliant spin on their posts

Simmering topic never likely to end award: The continuing religious/philosophical debates between many of us

Stupid post award: Many challengers. No winner, to hard to pick!

On a serious note, well done to all and thanks for adding your bit, be it big or small, throughout the year!

Moff........Oops, Stamos ;)


El Duque

Post of the year: Can't single out one atm
Poster of the year: Moffo and Roopy fortheir tireless work
International poster of the year: Canadian Steve from religion to basketball to whatever he has made a worthwhile post on most things.
Forgettable Poster of the year: Abercrombie Lane
Come back if you are reading this post:Cryptic and justme
Debut poster of the year: Everlovin' Antichrist
Come back of the year: bronco
Whinger of the year: Warlock. Not only once but twice did he leave after a cry.
Arguement of the year: EA and RB
Scandal of the year: The 7's thing and the ensuing arguments.
Most passionate fan: The Canterbury fansthat stuck by their club but admitted they were in the wrong and copped the penalty.
Dummyspit of the year: the three or four that deleted their posts and left.
Alternative posters award: Cyberkev. I mean this in a good way.
Simmering topic likely to never end:.Bulldogs cheating
Stupid post award: Warlock for re-joining then having a cry and then leaving. Wouldn't be surprised to see him do it again.



I humbly accept the international award, even if there is a very short list of candidates. (Are there any others besides Gav and me?)


Thread of the Year - I have to mention "In Praise of the Greatest", which featured some great boxing discussion, as well as the Warlock post-deleting saga as a sidebar. Too bad some of it is chopped up by those deletions. BTW, I miss poster Javaman, who had great style and boxing knowledge, even though we were in disagreement over Muhammad Ali.


In fact, since I assume these awards are for the calendar year, I nominate Javaman for Debut Poster of the Year - (he joined in February)


Post of the year: Plane crashes into world trade centre
Poster of the year: roopy/willow
International poster of the year: Canadian Steve, gav a close 2nd
Forgettable Poster of the year: meltiger
Come back if you are reading this post: kipper
Debut poster of the year: leisotto-ton first up is good.
Come back of the year: bronco, it took balls.
Whinger of the year:
Argument of the year, el dook and anyone
Scandal of the year: there have been a few, but matt o,s sneaky handling of the 7,s and the dumping of TFS
Most passionate fan: willow/legend
Dummyspit of the year: any that took their ball and went to play somewhere else
Alternative posters award: Cyber kev/tigertread
Simmering topic likely to never end: The cheating bulldogs and others
Stupid post award,none (well, a couple of mine have been a bit idiotic)



Ozbash, given the Aussie-centric nature of the community, wouldn't you qualify as an international poster?;)


Assistant Moderator
Post of the year: Plane crashes into world trade centre... second year running I believe. A dead heat with 'Go Ahead Ask us.." which still plugs away.
Poster of the year: Too many good forummers to pick just one.
International poster of the year: All of us are international posters.. but ok, Canadian 'Creepy' Steve. ;)
Forgettable Poster of the year: I can't remember the forgettable ones.
Come back if you are reading this post: Broncos fan baller, Justme, Bebeto, BlueAnGold, Rasputin
Debut poster of the year: Leisotto.. a Mark Waugh of an effort. One post and over 120 replies (last count)... and without offering a single insult. I wonder if we'll ever hear from him/her again.
Come back of the year: Bronco
Whinger of the year: Raging Bulldog wins hands down.. Moaned at every opportunity and didnt have the decency to acknowledge the replies from the moderators who were genuinely trying to deal with his concerns.
Argument of the year: Too many but Code 3 copped heaps.
Scandal of the year: matto's attraction to close knit underwear... ooops, I forgot that wasa secret
Most passionate fan: Roopy. The world revolves around the Hunter.
Dummyspit of the year: Warlock and Cryptic Messenger
Alternative posters award: Tigertread
Simmering topic likely to never end: War, Religion...
Stupid post award: The Wheel of Fortune. :)



I haven't been here long but a newbies twist might be of some interest.

Post of the year: Top Ten Albums (I said I was new:p)
Poster of the year: I'm a bit of a fan of CyberKev's stuff actually.
International poster of the year: Gav and Canadian Steve. I've had a blue with both so they'll do.
Forgettable Poster of the year: Oneye. You scrote™.
Come back if you are reading this post: Chris674. Ha!
Debut poster of the year: No idea. Who's new again?
Come back of the year: errr Who came back?
Whinger of the year: I tend to see a whinger as a target so I like 'em.
Argument of the year, Is this the right room for an argument?
Scandal of the year: The TFS split from WORL. I'd just like to add that the catalyst for the split was oneye scrolling the Jubilee board with the word poo. It proved that Management only give a stuff about that part of the board because that is the only time they reacted.

Hot off the presses. Oneye didn't scroll Jubilee.

I did. ;)


They kept the shit half.

Most passionate fan: Leisotto
Dummyspit of the year:Raging Bulldog, the tosser. That gigantic "flip the bird" is so 1980's. Coupled with the "I'm not coming back 'till Footy season" won't wash you Pelican, I'm going to haunt you.
Alternative posters award: Do we have alternative posters?
Simmering topic likely to never end: MMM's top 1,000 crock of shit.
Stupid post award: None, all are interesting to someone.

You can bet on that one Bronco...

Hands, touchin' hands
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you
Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good
I've been inclined
To believe it never would

And I'd also throw $5 on my derps being the first thrown on stage as well! :p

LWOS awards night might have passed, but I'm putting up my hand for a new category.
The most regular intermittant poster.
First of all, I am bloody hard to beat in a category this limited.
Second, if anyone has any better nominations, I'll change the rules.
So beware,I'll win something even if I have to nominate myself,vote for myself and then rig the count.
According to my count the above category is now unanimous.



International poster of the year: Gav and Canadian Steve. I've had a blue with both so they'll do.

Get off mi bloody leg...... tah!

WTF is a blue?

BTW, who haven't you bitched with........

Typical Ocker!


Typical Ocker?

Yeah, I have the hat with corks hangin' off it , I drink VB, wear shorts, singlet and thongs to my office job and I fart a lot because it's funny. I hate Poms 'cos they're all twinkies, drink warm Cat's piss and like their women four axe handles wide.

Bazza McKenzie is the blueprint for my life.

I dunno who I haven't had a blue with, I'm working my way up from the bottom to the top of the tree intelligence wise. That's why you've already been done. :p


Thanks EA, I needed that gee-up.

Like being told your hairstyle isn't up to scratch.

When it clicks, does it really?

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