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Major expansion U-turn is needed

The Great Dane

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I agree with the premise of this thread. I think PNG is a mistake but I'll wait and see more details.

However, if it did proceed, I don't think it'd be a hot button election issue. That money is going to PNG with or without an NRL side. It is PNG that are wanting some of it spent on an NRL team which they hope to tie to social issues. Who are Victorians to tell PNG how to spend their aid money?
How's that theory worked out for stadium spending or public investment into private facilities for multimillion dollar professional sports clubs. . . I mean all that money is just going to be spent on infrastructure anyway right...

Let's put it this way; the LNP would have to be the most incompetent opposition party in the world to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the ruling party choosing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars propping up a professional sports team in another country during the worst cost of living and housing crisis in generations.

BTW, corruption aside, most foreign aid money is sent for a specific purpose and Australia already invests hundreds of millions of dollars into PNG. They'd simply use that money to fund an NRL side if it was just a question of being able to spend foreign aid how they wish.
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The Great Dane

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Agreed, completely devastating for the people of South Africa and my sympathy goes to them.

In other news... f**k Union and high-five that one of their strongest nations are collateral damage in all of this.
You say that, but who knows how South Africa's societal issues will impact RU going forward.

So far their struggles have benefited RU as they've both been used as a political tool and benefited from corruption that has seen increased investment into their sport. One area where they've seen huge investment is government backed programs to increase participation rates in the black and coloured (their terms not mine) communities to then funnel them into the Springboks.

I see no reason why the ANC, or any other potential government in the future, would cease those programs. After all they need bread and circuses to distract from the real issues facing the country as much as possible.

Brian potter

Yet more evidence if it was ever needed that NZ2 can’t come soon enough.

lucky if there’s 3k inside Eden Park for a top of the table super rugby clash.

blue bags

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Southern orcas
Pasifika Grizzlies Bear's 🐻
Brisbane Bengals
And Brisbane Seahawks
Then NZ 2
That's 22 teams

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