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Post Whore
Gorman on the week leading up to the gf ( i am paraphrasing)
"I told the players this isn't about me"

ummm...if you say so
Well there you go.

Can see him sticking around the 4 years, but I reckon' he moves on after that. Wonder where that will be?

Yes going by past history he doesn't stay at an organisation for years and years.

Hopefully he sees the Sharks as a really exciting challenge for a long time and breaks this trend. With the development in progress and things changing very fast at the Club hopefully that will excite him to sign another contract.

He could really make an even bigger name for himself if he sticks around.

The years going forward at the Club are going to be truly remembered as setting the Club up to be a powerhouse in the NRL. But lots of important decisions yet to be made in doing this. I get the feeling this project and where the Club is headed genuinely has him excited to be a part of that for awhile yet.


He likes a challenge does our Lyall. I reckon he might end up running the show at the Batemans Bay Illawarra Stain George club participating in the NSW Cup.