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Match Discussion: Round 1 vs Canberra @ GIO Stadium Canberra

Who will win? Round 1: Canberra v Wests Tigers

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NRL 2021 - Round 1
Canberra Raiders v Wests Tigers
GIO Stadium Canberra, Bruce (TICKETS)
Sunday 14 March 2021

NSW Cup 1:50pm -- NRL kickoff 4:05pm


1. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 2. Bailey Simonsson 3. Sebastian Kris 4. Curtis Scott 5. Jordan Rapana 6. Jack Wighton 7. George Williams 8. Josh Papali'i 9. Josh Hodgson 10. Dunamis Lui 11. Hudson Young 12. Elliott Whitehead 13. Joseph Tapine
Interchange: 14. Siliva Havili 15. Ryan Sutton 16. Iosia Soliola 17. Ryan James 18. Sam Williams 19. Tom Starling 20. Emre Guler 21. Harley Smith-Shields


1. Daine Laurie 2. David Nofoaluma 3. James Roberts 4. Joseph Leilua 5. Asu Kepaoa 6. Moses Mbye 7. Luke Brooks 8. James Tamou 9. Jacob Liddle 10. Joe Ofahengaue 11. Luke Garner 12. Luciano Leilua 13. Alex Twal
Interchange: 14. Tommy Talau 15. Thomas Mikaele 16. Stefano Utoikamanu 17. Russell Packer 18. Jock Madden 19. Michael Chee-Kam 20. Tukimihia Simpkins 21. Alex Seyfarth


Referees: Gerard Sutton
Sideline Officials: Dave Munro, Drew Oultram
Video Referees: Ashley Klein

The Raiders and Wests Magpies play in NSW Cup prior to the main game, 1:50pm Sunday at GIO.​
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We don’t do an undefeated season, if we lose this one, so us by 6.

Brooks MOM and kicks first 2 pt FG for a long time:D
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The Raiders reckon this year is their last chance at securing the premiership in thieir current window.
They’ll go all out this year and we are historically their bitch.
Solid game from us but a loss to start the year off.
Them 22 US 18


Tigers line up prediction:

1. Laurie
2. Nofa
3. Roberts
4. BJ
5. Kepoa
6. Madden
7. Brooks
8. Tamoa
9. Liddle
10. Ofa
11. Luciano "the f**ken man" Leilua
12. Garner
13. Twal

14. Stefano
15. Mikale
16. Mbye
17. Seyfarth

18. Talau
19. Simpkin
20. Simpkins
21. Chee-Kam

If Mbye gets a bench spot I highly doubt he will choose Chee-Kam or J. Simpkin. Mybe really does cover a lot of positions but then I think you would need 3 other middle forwards on the bench, one of which able to cover 2nd row if needed (which Seyfarth is capable of).

Kepoa is a better winger than Talau, so unfortunately Talau will just have to wait until he gets an opportunity at centre.

WA Tiger

I thought Simpkins runs like Grant. Menacingly. Liddle will only run hard through gaps otherwise he will take the tackle and go again. He avoids the hard contact which makes sense for him. With Simpkins if there’s no gaps he just runs hard at players and can create opportunities that way..I didn’t catch his passing game but therefore it can’t have been that bad .... I’ll go Simpkins over Liddle for this game..
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Lucy is formidable but shout out to the game plan, fullback up just behind the ball carrier, cut outs and collisions, isolating smaller players and ffs, bodies in motion, decoys and quick play the balls.

Heres to predicting opposition plays near the try line and pushing our opponents back.

Here’s to our hard working unknown staff who are making the side operational.
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WA Tiger

Id have Talau on the wing. Not because he impresses but because hes always good for a couple of tries in the corner against any opposition. Dont ask me how he does it it doesnt matter. He just does. And I can hardly remember anything Kapaoa did in the trial.

WA Tiger

Kepaoa scored a try. He hits it up hard as well. I'd have him over Talau. I think he is a better winger and Talau a better centre.
Must have been an easy try from Kepaoa. Talau was atrocious at center in that trial against Manly. Every touch/kick was iether a mistake or a nothing.


First Grade
Must have been an easy try from Kepaoa. Talau was atrocious at center in that trial against Manly. Every touch/kick was iether a mistake or a nothing.

Talau made mistakes but I still thought he had some nice touches. Kepaoa can play. The only issue I see with him is catching the footy off bombs but Talau missed one the other night.