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Match Discussion: Round 19 vs Manly @ Suncorp Stadium

Who will win? Round 19: Manly v Wests Tigers

  • Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 13+

    Votes: 7 63.6%
  • Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 1-12

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Wests Tigers 1-12

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Wests Tigers 13+

    Votes: 1 9.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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NRL 2021 - Round 19
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers
Suncorp Stadium, Milton (TICKETS)
Saturday 24 July 2021

NRL kickoff 5:30pm


1. Tom Trbojevic 2. Jason Saab 3. Brad Parker 4. Morgan Harper 5. Reuben Garrick 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Taniela Paseka 9. Lachlan Croker 10. Martin Taupau 11. Haumole Olakau'atu 12. Josh Schuster 13. Jake Trbojevic
Interchange: 14. Dylan Walker 15. Josh Aloiai 16. Sean Keppie 17. Toafofoa Sipley 18. Moses Suli 19. Cade Cust 20. Jack Gosiewski 21. Kurt De Luis


1. Daine Laurie 2. David Nofoaluma 3. Junior Pauga 4. Tommy Talau 5. Ken Maumalo 6. Adam Doueihi 7. Luke Brooks 8. Stefano Utoikamanu 9. Jacob Liddle 10. James Tamou 11. Luke Garner 12. Luciano Leilua 13. Thomas Mikaele
Interchange: 14. Joe Ofahengaue 15. Alex Twal 16. Tukimihia Simpkins 17. Moses Mbye 18. Michael Chee-Kam 19. Jake Simpkin 20. Alex Seyfarth 21. Shawn Blore


Referees: Ashley Klein
Sideline Officials: Todd Smith, Darian Furner
Video Referees: Steve Chiddy

No NSW Cup games for BWSE (Manly) or Wests Magpies (Wests Tigers).​
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Vic Mackey

In our game earlier this year we were the better team for the first 29mins and lead 6-0. Then Turbo decided to get involved, they scored 3 tries in 4 mins and we never looked like getting back in the game.

I don’t hold a lot of hope, sadly we’re at a stage where I’d accept a hard fought loss. If we do somehow manage to pull off a miracle and grab a win we’ll be in a great position to make the 8 though.
Maybe one of the hotel staff can challenge turbo to a sprint down the hallway? That still won't be enough though. We might need to get at their food like the spingboks did to the all blacks in the 95 rugby world cup final.

Mario chalmers

from DT website


You would assume that Jake comes in for Mbye if there is an issue there.

If Twal is out I really hope Blore comes in. I didnt see Twal come off last week but I have to say his runs tend tolack impact. he gets held up or pushed back every time. When Stefano and Mikaele were out their in tandem we made good metres particularly in the second half.

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