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Match Discussion: Round 19 vs Newcastle @ Sunshine Coast Stadium

Who will win? Round 19: Sydney v Newcastle

  • Sydney Roosters 13+

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  • Sydney Roosters 1-12

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  • Draw after Golden Point

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  • Newcastle Knights 1-12

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  • Newcastle Knights 13+

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NRL 2021 - Round 19
Sydney Roosters v Newcastle Knights
Sunshine Coast Stadium, Kawana Waters (TICKETS)
Friday 23 July 2021

NRL kickoff 6:00pm


1. James Tedesco 2. Daniel Tupou 3. Billy Smith 4. Joseph Manu 5. Matt Ikuvalu 6. Drew Hutchison 7. Sam Walker 8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 9. Sam Verrills 10. Isaac Liu 11. Angus Crichton 12. Sitili Tupouniua 13. Victor Radley
Interchange: 14. Lachlan Lam 15. Nat Butcher 16. Egan Butcher 17. Siosiua Taukeiaho 18. Adam Keighran 19. Fletcher Baker 20. Josh Morris 21. Ben Thomas


1. Kalyn Ponga 2. Dominic Young 3. Kurt Mann 4. Enari Tuala 5. Hymel Hunt 6. Jake Clifford 7. Phoenix Crossland 8. Jacob Saifiti 9. Jayden Brailey 10. Daniel Saifiti 11. Tyson Frizell 12. Mitchell Barnett 13. Connor Watson
Interchange: 14. Sauaso Sue 15. David Klemmer 16. Josh King 17. Brodie Jones 18. Jack Johns 19. Simi Sasagi 20. Tex Hoy 21. Lachlan Fitzgibbon


Referees: Gerard Sutton
Sideline Officials: Kasey Badger, Todd Smith
Video Referees: Ashley Klein

No NSW Cup games for Norths (Roosters feeder) or Newcastle.​
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It is game day ladies and gentlemen. Let's go out there and continue with this good form that we seem to be playing ourselves into. At least it will not be as warm, humid and uncomfortable as last Saturday afternoon, so we have no excuses other than to go out there and turn on an impressive display for our QLD fans.

Fire up you mighty Roosters for the early game tonight, fire up!

Easts by 12.